The Nebraska football team’s recruiting class is one of the best of the nation thanks in large part to players like Mario Goodrich. The positive vibes surrounding the Nebraska program are as strong as they largely because the commits the program has managed to land lately are truly in love with the Huskers.

Goodrich is now the latest player to commit to Mike Riley and company who is working overtime to make sure the rest of the nation’s best players are all giving the Cornhuskers a good long look. Keyshawn Johnson Jr and Tristan Gebbia famously did it for last year’s class, it looks like Goodrich is one of those who is going to continue to tradition if his comments to a big-time recruit on Twitter is any indication.

Nebraska football program makes the cut for defensive end

Not long after Goodrich made it clear he was the newest Husker, a few other recruits started mentioning Nebraska as one of their top choices. Defensive end Daniel Carson was one of those who said the Cornhuskers were among his top 11 teams.

Carson announced the cut on his Twitter account but also made it clear he wasn’t someone who wanted to field a lot of questions. This mean questions about where he ranked the teams, who was among the top of the list as his favorites, or likely when he was going to announce his final choice. Generally this kind of request is made and the media understands it is well within the player’s rights to ask for privacy.

The one group of people who might be able to both get a little info and have a little fun, are the kids who are going through the same process. It appears that Goodrich and Carson have at least a somewhat friendly relationship.

After Carson announced his favorite 11 schools and asked that there not be any questions, Goodrich still managed to stake his claim.

Nebraska football and Goodrich’s recruiting

Goodrich was clearly feeling pretty good about being the newest Cornhusker and he wanted to share the good feelings with others. The first comment on Carson’s post, asking not to be inundated with interview requests was Goodrich.

“Hi I'm mario goodrich with GBR lineman recruiting do you have time for a quick interview?” The player posted on Carson’s timeline. Carson clearly enjoyed the comment and Goodrich responded that he was just “doing his job.” It’s clear the Huskers have themselves another good player with the defensive back. If he really is going to be working to get some other targets to Nebraska, it’s only going to be a massive positive for the Cornhuskers. With the 2018 class almost full, they can use some help getting the cream of the crop.