The Nebraska Football team is playing a game of "anything you can do, I can do better" with LSU when it comes to the recruitment four-star wide receiver Joshua Moore. On Tuesday, Moore announced he had received a scholarship offer from LSU, though this time it wasn't for football. Moore already had an offer to play on the gridiron for the Tigers but the school also offered him a chance to run track. This was a big enough deal that the wide receiver made it clear how important it was to him on his Twitter account. One day later, Nebraska showed it could offer the same kind of chances and on Wednesday night Moore made another Twitter announcement saying Nebraska had also offered him the opportunity to join the Huskers' track team.

Track could be the deciding factor for the Nebraska football team

It's been clear for a while that Moore has really liked what he's seen from the Nebraska coaching staff, especially the man who would be his position coach in Keith Williams. He's liked the Huskers enough that he named them among his final five just over a week ago. One of the other schools that made that final five was indeed LSU and they upped the ante and might have even taken the lead when they offered Moore the chance to run track for them.

Whether Williams was already going out to see Moore, or was dispatched because of the LSU tweet, the Nebraska coach reportedly paid a visit to the wide receiver.

It appears that during that visit, Williams informed the player he was also going to be able to join the Husker track team if he so chose.

The clincher for Nebraska?

While it's good news to see the Husker coaching staff making sure they're doing everything they can to land a recruit, Moore has said he isn't going to announce until June 18.

That means we should still have a month until anyone knows where he's heading.

One other tweet during the day on Wednesday could mean the receiver will announce a bit sooner than he's said previously. Either during, or after Williams talked to Moore, the player tweeted out that he had "made a decision" and then added no more info.

The Twitterverse quickly lit up, trying to get him to say just what the decision really was. After the announcement that Nebraska had not only offered him a football scholarship but also a track team spot, one has to wonder if he wasn't teasing the possibility of the "final" decision. While the football coaches can't offer Moore a track scholarship, it's clear they talked to the right people at the school and made sure there would be a spot for him if he committed.