The Green Bay Packers are having a spate of positive press over the last few weeks. By most accounts, the team is among the best in the NFC again and they managed to reload some pretty big talent in the just completed 2017 NFL draft. All of that good press appears to have the Packers' head coach Mike Mccarthy in a very good mood. The coach is in such a good mood that he even called the injury to rookie defender Vince Biegel "a blessing."

Timing might be a good thing for Green Bay Packers

When McCarthy was talking about the recent foot surgery for Biegel, he, of course, didn't literally think the injury was positive.

He does think the timing of the injury might be a blessing if there has to be an injury at all. It's early enough in the offseason that the recently drafted rookie will be able to recover in time for pre-season camp and then the regular season.

While talking about the timing of the injury being something that was actually a bit of a positive, the Green Bay coach made it clear he understood the player was likely not remotely pleased the situation had happened at all. "Trust me, he’s (disappointed.) For this to happen in his first two days of work, that’s just not the way he wants to start his career in Green Bay," McCarthy told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Injury surfaces again for Packers player

What has to make the injury even more frustrating for Biegel, is this is apparently a continuation of a problem the defender had when he was playing for the Wisconsin Badgers. The foot problem has now followed him to Green Bay and likely has him wondering if it's something that's going to be sticking with him for the long run.

He originally hurt last year and had surgery to insert a pin into the cracked bone. The surgery caused him to miss a couple of games.

At the time, the surgery was done in order to avoid a full break, which would have ended his senior season early. The Packers could not go into a great deal of specifics about Biegel's injury but the team has said he reinjured it in the first couple of practices of the last minicamp.

The player left a practice with what was reported to be a hand injury, though some reporters noticed he was limping.

Despite showing back up to practice wearing a cast on his hand, Biegel was clearly also favoring a leg or foot. Shortly after returning to practice he left again and didn't return. The new foot injury is expected to keep Biegel out of Packers' practices until at least the beginning of the official pre-season camps. Green Bay has said they won't push him and risk a more severe injury, but they believe he'll be ready for the season.