It is another day for Carmelo Anthony, who is an American professional basketball player for the New York Knicks. NBA trade rumors are making rounds that he will be choosing a new basketball team in the next season.

Carmelo Anthony is reportedly the next player to be traded. Possible teams reportedly include the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers and due to this, the NBA trade rumors about Anthony have been making rounds on the internet for years now. This is reportedly making it hard for the 32-year-old player to decide which team to choose in the next season.

Carmelo Anthony and the NBA trade rumors about the player

Rumors are stirring around about where Carmelo Anthony is going to move to -- whether it’s the Los Angeles Clippers of if he will stay with the New York Knicks. Due to the disappointing results of the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference postseason, it may be a good decision for the franchise to change things up and adding Anthony can be a logical move.

Being the forward of the Knicks, he is the best possible option for the team to get traded. This is because right now Knicks is starting to get a good point guard and Matthew Dellavedova can be available as a replacement for Anthony.

Clippers or Bucks?

According to Washington Post NBA insider Tim Bontemps, it is more likely for Anthony to land in the Clippers. One good basis is the good friendship he has with Chris Paul, a player from the Clippers.

On the other hand, Basketball Insiders Tommy Beer said that since Milwaukee Bucks is a fresh up-and-coming team, it will be a good playground for Anthony to hone his skills and also play alongside one of the team's brightest young stars, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Not to mention Anthony also has a good relationship with Bucks coach Jason Kidd.

Whatever happens, whether it pushes through or not, Anthony still has a no-trade clause to approve of any deal. He may likely be in Clippers or Bucks but both are still not certain because both teams also have an option to decline and prefer not to move pieces for him.

If these NBA trade rumours were true, perhaps, the fans of the great basketball player will find it hard to see him in another team.

At the end of the day, basketball is still like a game of chess. Every single move and piece are important.

As of this writing, Carmelo Anthony is yet to respond to whether the NBA trade rumours about him are true.