The Phoenix Suns didn't find their fortune in the lottery. They missed out on the top 3 and took the 4th overall pick in the draft. The Celtics, Lakers, and 76ers all stand in front of them.

Even though the other three teams determine who the Suns can draft, the Phoenix organization are in a great spot all throughout the draft to get quality talent for their future. Their draft grade will be determined by the fourth overall pick.

4th pick

The 4th pick isn't as bad of a pick as most might think. The top two picks are fairly set in stone, but if the top three teams do pass on a player, the Suns get first dibs on that player.

Right now the most logical choice for the Suns is Duke small forward Jayson Tatum.

Jayson Tatum comes into the draft as a sneaky bet to be the best player out of this class. Tatum brings an incredible frame into the league, standing at 6'8" with a 6'11" wingspan. Tatum has a solid jump shot and great explosiveness. He can get to the rim with ease and has high potential defensively. The Suns need a forward to pair up with Devin Booker. Tatum can come in and contribute right away for the team.

32nd pick

The Suns aren't living and dying by their 4th pick. They also have two picks in the rest of the draft that they can use to help add to their young core. With their 32nd pick, they should target Bam Adebayo or Jordan Bell.

Bam Adebayo brings NBA-ready athleticism standing at 6'10". Adebayo doesn't have an enormous offensive game but he can catch lobs for you, and he can set tough screens.

Adebayo would add a lot of inside help to the Suns on offense and defense. Bam brings a tough frame on the defensive end. He can block shots, grab rebounds, and switch on pick and roll screens.

Bam would be a great pick for Phoenix.

Jordan Bell comes out of Oregon, and he brings the same type of build as Adebayo. Bell is a tad shorter than Bam, but he is athletic and has a nice all-around game. He'll body up and get rebounds; he can take it to the hoop, and do anything else you need. Bell was one of the main reasons that the Ducks had so much success in the tournament.

He was everywhere on both ends of the floor.

54th pick

With their 54th pick, the Suns should target Kobi Simmons. Simmons still has a bit of time to choose to go back to school, but if the Suns drafted him, he could be a project to work on. Simmons has a ton of talent and can play both shooting guard and point guard. He stands at 6'5, " and if the Suns want to part ways with Bledsoe, Simmons may be able to help chip in right away with some minutes.