The whole world was talking about the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers getting the top two picks in the 2017 NBA Draft. What most don't seem to realize, is that the 76ers have the third pick and much more.

The Philadelphia 76ers come into the 2017 NBA Draft with a plethora of picks. They hold the 3rd overall, the 36th, 39th, 46th, and 50th picks in this upcoming draft. With so many options for them, there are a few certain players they should target in June.

3rd pick

There are two players that make a ton of sense to draft for the 76ers.

First and foremost, Josh Jackson out of Kansas. Jackson brings an NBA frame with a high ceiling on both offense and defense. Standing at 6'8", Jackson will be an effective player right into the league. He can shoot the three, guard players at his position, and doesn't require the ball often to make an impact. Jackson excels at post-ups and taking the ball to the rim.

Secondly, the 76ers could go to Malik Monk out of Kentucky. Monk is arguably the best pure scorer in the draft. He brings a ton of explosiveness and can shoot the lights out of the gym.

36th and 39th

These two picks are very close on the draft board. This means the 76ers could work it a bit to try and get two players they are interested in.

Since the draft is a bit unknown as of right now, the 76ers need to plan to target their highest-rated player that will be at the 36th slot. Hamidou Diallo would be a great pick for the 76ers.

Diallo can still go back to college instead of the draft, but if he plans to take his talents to the NBA, the 76ers could use him. Diallo brings a ton of athleticism, and although is a very raw talent, he could develop into a legit threat in the league.

As for their 39th pick, the 76ers need to target a shooter. Frank Jackson from Duke and Josh Hart from Villanova could both be good picks.

46th and 50th

Towards the end of the draft, the 76ers will want to target some potential projects. This means players that aren't NBA ready but might develop into quality players in the future.

Tyler Dorsey out of Oregon has a lot of potential for the NBA. He stands at 6'4", and brings a lot of potential offensive capabilities to the league.

He dominated during Oregon's tournament run, especially when Dillon Brooks was struggling with an injury. Dwayne Bacon is the second project they should target. Bacon brings a lot of scoring from Florida State and is still at a young enough age that he could develop into an everyday starter in the league.