After a 31-5 season at UCLA, freshman phenomenon Lonzo Ball is taking his talents to the NBA. The superstar point guard was the talk of the town all over the country. Most wondered how he'd do at the next level. Some wondered how his dad would do at the next level. Many questions surround this player but there's no doubting his vision and abilities to run an offense.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 195 pounds

College averages: 14.6 ppg, 7.6 apg, 6.0 rpg


Coming out of Chino Hills High School, Lonzo Ball stole the show early in his college basketball career.

After causing heads to turn when he went into the McDonald's All-American game and only would pass and didn't care about his individual scoring, Lonzo Ball showed that team-play in the season. From comparisons to Jason Kidd, to Steve Nash, Lonzo Ball caught the world's attention from his ability to pass the ball. Standing at 6 foot 5, Lonzo was dynamic at finishing. Whether it was catching lobs or taking it to the rack himself, Lonzo could explode out of the gym. He helped lead the Bruins to success they haven't seen in a long time. Although they lost to Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament, the Bruins had a great season led by Lonzo Ball.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Lonzo Ball is an intriguing player because he brings so much versatility for a pace and space offense, yet still, others doubt.

His strengths include passing and vision, shooting from deep, and finishing. His passing and vision are what has propelled him into top 5 talks in the NBA Draft. He finds shooters but not only can he find shooters, he gives them amazing pocket passes. Passes that you only see from guys like LeBron and Jason Kidd. Ball can shoot from three in which he shot 41 percent on the season.

A lot of his threes came from further back than the normal college line, showing off a lot of range.

Weaknesses are also in his shot. While it is accurate, he has an odd hitch that makes it nearly impossible to shoot off the dribble going to his left. This is a weird thing for a guy who can really shoot the lights out. Lonzo was limited to shooting off the dribble going to his left and could be a big weakness for the league if it isn't changed.

Defensively, he didn't show amazing attributes. He's got the build to be a good defender, and he can block shots, but his side to side speed wasn't impressive and he didn't lock anyone up like you'd want him to. Lastly, his dad LaVar Ball is in the weakness category. LaVar is very outspoken and if he doesn't like something, he has no issue with speaking that mind to the media.