The NBA Draft Lottery is an exciting time for teams in the NBA. This is the time where teams find out the spot they have in the NBA draft. The Lakers could potentially lose their number one pick if they fall out of the top three. The Boston Celtics who are currently preparing for their Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the Cavs have the best chance of getting the number one pick.

This comes from the Nets having the worst record in the league, but the Celtics have the pick from the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade a few years back. The Sixers had yet another shot at acquiring a top three pick while the Kings had no chance.

The results are in, here is the order of the draft.

Top Three Spots

The Celtics end up getting the first overall pick in the NBA Draft. The KG and Paul Pierce trade is starting to look more like a masterful idea on Danny Ainge's part. With the top pick, the Celtics have a player pool to chose from. They already have the point guard of the future in Isaiah Thomas, but the still could grab Lonzo Ball from UCLA. I'm not sure how his dad will handle him wearing Celtic green instead of Laker Gold, but that would be great TV to watch.

They could also take Markelle Fultz from Washington. These to players are the top two players in the draft according to ESPN's draft expert Chad Ford. This is the first team a team with the No.

1 record in a conference and the No. 1 overall selection since the Lakers in 1982. The Celtics' genius had paid off and now have first pick from a pool of talented NBA prospects.

The Lakers get the second overall pick. Lakers president Magic Johnson was smiling from ear to ear once he knew their draft pick landed in the top three.

The Lakers are the favorite to grab Lonzo Ball, as that's what the Lakers and Lavar Ball want. The Lakers finished 26-56 which was the third-worst record in the league.

They need to make good use of this pick, as their path back to dominance depends on it. The Sixers nabbed the third pick. Joel Embiid was their representative and he had just as much energy as Magic Johnson.

This is the second straight year both teams landed in the top three. Hopefully, the Sixers don't choose another big man.

The Rest of the Picks

  • The rest of the picks are listed in order:
  • 4th: Phoenix Suns
  • 5th: Sacramento Kings
  • 6th: Orlando Magic
  • 7th: Minnesota Timberwolves
  • 8th: New York Knicks
  • 9th: Dallas Mavericks
  • 10th: Sacramento Kings (again)
  • 11th: Charlotte Hornets
  • 12th: Detroit Pistons
  • 13th: Denver Nuggets
  • 14th: Miami Heat

The Knicks continue to fail at all things basketball, falling to the eighth spot in the lottery. This one spot behind their lottery seed and this could've been prevented by tanking. The Knicks fell so low in the lottery due to a game-winning bucket in the last game of the season by Maurice N'dour (who is he?).

The Knicks had an 18.3 percent chance of getting into the top three and a 5.3 percent chance of landing the top pick. The

The Knicks had an 18.3 percent chance of getting into the top three and a 5.3 percent chance of landing the top pick. The Kings managed to get two picks thanks to their bad season and getting the Pelicans pick from the Boogie Cousins trade. Vlade Divac is looking like a man who actually knows what he is doing in the front office now, as they benefit from trading the star big man. The Suns just fall outside of the top three after having the second-worst record in the league.

With the NBA Draft Lottery now complete, teams will continue with their scouting process until draft day comes.

The Celtics are the huge winners here, as they are in the Conference Finals and a No. 1 overall pick. The Lakers keep their pick and the Knick continue to disappoint their fan base. The NBA Draft is going to be a great event, especially since Lavar Ball will be in attendance. The Draft will be held on June 22nd on ESPN.