Game seven is here. The Wizards and Celtics have battled their way to a 3-3 series tie, and they are set to battle in Boston for a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. This series has been the best series of the entire NBA playoffs, showing us good momentum swings, players battling for loose balls, and even a little bit of shoving in between whistles. In a crucial game seven where both of their seasons are at stake, these teams need hefty contributions from their stars if they want to come out of this game with a win. They also will need their role players to step up, as a series that has been long and physical, fresh legs can be the difference in game seven.

The Others

In game seven of a long series like this, your primary players are going to be tired. This is where you bench players or what Shaquille O'Neal likes to call "the others" will need to perform in this game. Both benches played awful in game six, not allowing the starters to have a long enough break to catch their breath. To win a championship, you need a good bench, and both teams have that. Both benches provide solid scoring when the stars take their rest and some even play with the starters on the floor. Expect both teams to mix up the lineups using their bench players, as giving a different look might throw off the opposing defense. Getting solid minutes from your reserves is always important, but it is magnified when you are in a game seven with a chance to go to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Stars Shine

As much as bench points are needed, the stars must perform in game seven. These games have the power to change a player's career especially if it is a rivalry series like this one. Isaiah Thomas has been solid this series, but he needs to get all his strength for this game. He has played with a heavy heart throughout the playoffs after losing his sister, and he needs to use that as motivation in this game.

Thomas has been the Heart And Soul of this Celtics team, and they rely on him to do much of the scoring. Thomas might need another 50-point night if he wants to send his team to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Wizards need big games from their stars once again. John Wall and Bradley Beal stepped up in game six in order to get them to a game seven, and they need put on another show.

Wall had 26 in game six and Beal had 33. If they can have that kind of balance in game seven, they should be just fine and win the game. John Wall has been awesome the entire series, and many might wonder if he has any gas left in the tank. The training staff will be hard at work making sure he is ready to go, as he has put his heart and soul out for this team.

Game seven doesn't get much better than this. Two teams that hate each other battling for a chance to face the defending champs. There will be a lot of tension in this game and don't be surprised if there are a few scuffles and technical fouls throughout. The Celtics and Wizards will find out who has the bigger heart, as the battle on May 15 at 8 p.m. on TNT.