If gamblers placing bets with Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook are any indication, it appears the odds on favorites to appear in the Super Bowl are the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders. That’s based on those two teams receiving more than any other teams in the NFL when it comes to picking the winner of next year’s big game.

Packers reign supreme in the NFC

It should come as no real surprise that Green Bay is getting the attention it is from bettors, even this early in the year. The Packers ventured to the NFC championship game a year ago, and looked like the best team in football during most of the second half of the season.

After starting off the year looking a bit rickety, Aaron Rodgers and company came on gangbusters and only saw their run stopped when they ran into the postseason buzz saw that was the Atlanta Falcons. You might remember the Falcons looked like they were going to walk their way to a Super Bowl victory before blowing a big lead and being sunk by the New England Patriots.

Raiders are the major surprise matchup against the Packers

While it really shouldn’t come as that big a shock that bettors are preferring Green Bay over the Dallas Cowboys and the rest of the NFC field, the Oakland Raiders are a definite surprise pick. Oakland is not only receiving more votes than any AFC team (including defending champ and reloading New England) but they are getting the most bets placed on them to win the whole thing than any team in the NFL.

While their choice might be a bit of an eye-opener, it should be pointed out the Raiders were basically the AFC equivalent of what many expect the Packers to be this season. The team looked like a juggernaut (seemingly out of nowhere) for a good portion of the 2016 season.

It was only a season ending injury to David Carr that might have kept them from going to the AFC championship and possibly even beyond.

When it comes to the most picked teams to win the whole kit and caboodle next season after the Raiders and Packers, the Dallas Cowboys come in third place. The New England Patriots, despite looking as strong as ever with the addition of a new wide receiver are the fourth most picked team.

If there is a truly odd ball pick among the top five, at least at this sportsbook, it has to be the New York Giants. Considering oddsmakers have already predicted at least 12 wins for the Green Bay Packers this season, it appears Vegas is enamored with the Green and Gold.