After what can only be described as an up and down 2016 season, Green Bay Packers fans are likely wondering just what they can expect in the upcoming 2017 season. Since it’s only May, it’s pretty hard to know just how the Team is going to match up with their schedule but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone giving it a go. Cantor Technology has released the spreads for every NFL game from weeks 1 to week 16. Week 17 hasn’t been released because it’s too hard to tell whether a team like the Packers are going to be headed to the playoffs and resting players.

Green Bay winning out of the gate

The Packers schedule is not a particularly difficult when you look at the whole season, but it appears Green Bay is going to hit a rough patch when it opens up the season. The Packers are favored to win their season opener over the Seattle Seahawks but as a three-point favorite they aren’t exactly a heavy favorite.

The second week of the season, they’ll be taking on the Atlanta Falcons and it appears they’re going to be the dog for now. That means a 1-1 start to the season if the games go the way they are expected to with their lines. The good news is the team is going to expected to get a bit of a break as they are a touchdown favorite in week three over the Bengals and then 9.5 point favorites over the hated rival Chicago Bears.

Green Bay Packers are dogs in only three games

After a week five matchup against the Dallas Cowboys where they will be the underdogs by three points, the Pack will be favored in five straight games. It’s not until week 12 that they will find themselves expected to lose another game, this time to the Steelers, in Pittsburgh.

The final four weeks of the year will see the Packers once again looking like a juggernaut.

While the predictions are indeed incomplete without a week 17, it appears this particular oddsmaker believes the team is going to get out to a 12-3 start to the season and might indeed be ready to rest their regulars.

It’s still really early, and a lot can change between now and September, October, November, and December. At the same time, there is something to be said for what the oddsmakers believe is going to happen once 2017 kicks off.

After a season that saw the team play pretty poorly and then become a juggernaut, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion to end 2016, a predicted 12 win season should make Packers fans feel pretty good about what’s coming. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how close the prediction really gets.