While the Nebraska football team didn’t have a ton of success in this past NFL draft, there are a decent number of former Huskers who were signed as undrafted free agents who might actually stick in the NFL. While we’ve sadly seen players like Jordan Westerkamp and Tommy Armstrong struggle to stick around, Kevin Maurice seems to have a good chance at making the Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 roster. There are five other players who appear to have at least an outside shot of hanging in the NFL for a little bit longer.

Terrell Newby

While it seemed like Husker fans were always hoping the team would find someone a little more explosive at running back, Newby just might be able to stick with the Minnesota Vikings.

Newby and Tommy Armstrong were signed about the same time but while Armstrong was cut, Newby is still on the team and appears headed for the next stage in OTAs.

Cethan Carter

Among the players on this list, Cethan Carter probably has the best chance of not only making an NFL team, but getting some playing time this year. Carter has a ton of talent that was never utilized properly thanks to the quarterback situation at Nebraska. He’s with the Cincinnati Bengals now and can be used as either a pass catching tight end, or a pass catching fullback.

Brandon Reilly

If you asked most Nebraska fans which receiver would make an NFL roster, Brandon Reilly or Jordan Westerkamp, they likely would have responded with “Westy.” It turns out for now, it’s Reilly with the real shot at sticking with the NFL team.

He’s still on the Buffalo Bills roster and looks like he’s getting a shot through OTAs at least.

Alonzo Moore

Yet another former Nebraska receiver doing better than Westerkamp so far is Alonzo Moore. Moore has signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs and could end up benefitting from the fact that the Chiefs simply don’t have a ton of top of the line receivers on their roster.

Moore could end up having a similar story to Quincy Enunwa.

Josh Banderas

Josh Banderas might be the one former Nebraska football star that is the biggest question mark. Now signed with the Denver Broncos, he’s got the talent to play linebacker in the NFL. He had the same talent to be one of the better defenders in college football.

Now he’s going to have to finally tap into the potential that Husker coaches always thought he had. This year, there might be a better chance that he makes the roster on special teams, but if you’re thinking a Will Compton comparison for Banderas you might not be all that far off.