Two former Nebraska Football stars have found themselves some new NFL teams. No, unfortunately, the two stars are not Tommy Armstrong and Jordan Westerkamp. The former teammates and roommates are still looking for jobs after being jettisoned from the Vikings and Bucs last week. The two former Huskers who do have new jobs, for now, are cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste and defensive tackle Kevin Maurice. Now comes the long "prove it' period where the two players will have to show they deserve the shot they've been given and can actually stick on an NFL roster.

Stanley Jean Baptiste's winding road from Nebraska football receiver to the NFL

Jean-Baptiste was a second round pick in the 2014 draft by the New Orleans Saints but he never quite turned into the defender the team thought they had. He played in four games in his rookie year but spent most of the NFL career so far on practice squads. It should be said, the former Nebraska corner might still be learning his defensive position.

Jean-Baptiste started his career with the Huskers as a wide receiver. When he found himself too far down the WR depth chart and noticed a shortage of bodies in the defensive backfield for Nebraska, he approached the coaches about a position change. That initiative proved to be a career changer as he finished his career with seven interceptions and two touchdown returns.

The corner also had a whopping 12 passes defended in his senior year. After being cut loose earlier this month, Jean-Baptiste has signed a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs and will attempt to stick on the team and jumpstart his career.

Kevin Maurice as a UDFA for the Nebraska football team

While only Nate Gerry was drafted in the 2017 NFL draft, there have been a number of former Nebraska players who have signed or are looking at UDFA contracts.

Kevin Maurice is now one of those who went undrafted but signed a free-agent contract. Maurice's new team is the Jacksonville Jaguars, who would certainly love to think they found themselves some defensive line depth.

Maurice spent most of his career as a backup but a lack of depth at defensive tackle allowed him to rise to a starter in his final year in 2016.

Maurice made the most of his opportunity, recording 39 tackles (6.5 for loss) and four sacks. It appears the former Nebraska player will be replacing the recently released defensive tackle, Louis Nix on the Jaguars roster. Like Baptiste, Maurice must now prove he can stick on an NFL roster.