After being dismantled in Game 1, the Boston Celtics are trying to move on and focus on Game 2, promising to play much better. Isaiah Thomas told reporters after Game 1 that the Celtics aren't afraid of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They're not going to allow Cleveland to intimidate them. However, after such a lopsided opening game, how do the Celtics overcome the Cavs?

More help defense on LeBron James

In Game 1, LeBron James was essentially waltzing to the basket, getting easy layups all game long. There wasn't any resistance from Boston's defense, as the help defense was almost non-existent.

The pick-and-roll defense was atrocious as well, as the Celtics were switching on the picks, leaving their bigs on an island with LeBron.

The help defense has to be stronger, show harder, and be more physical. If the Celtics are going to double team James, they need to trap him harder to thwart his passing angles. If Boston is going to play man-to-man, the interior defense must slide over to help as quickly as possible to contest his shots at the rim rather than give a direct-line drive. It's not easy to contain James, but the Celtics were incredibly soft in the first game.

Finding Isaiah Thomas more openings on offense

Isaiah Thomas had a quiet game, as Cleveland overwhelmed him with superb ball pressure and length.

They forced Thomas into difficult, highly-contested shots. The Celtics must do a better job of creating openings for the little man. They need to abuse the screen, roll, and maybe have other players play-make to find him open shots. Boston cannot allow Cleveland's defense to settle, so they may need to speed up the tempo to get early transition baskets as well.

Rebounding will still be key

For the Celtics, rebounding will always be key. They will find themselves in trouble if they do not box out to gather defensive rebounds. They cannot allow a potent offensive team like Cleveland to gain second chance opportunities, because the Cavs would make the most of it.

In Game 1, the rebounding discrepancy wasn't too much, but the Celtics need to maintain focus in that aspect of the game regardless.

Tristan Thompson has a never-ending motor and is always around the rim for offensive rebounds, so Boston has to be aware.

J.R. Smith expects Celtics to play dirty

J.R. Smith expects the Celtics to play dirty in Game 2, which could be the case. Boston has to show more tenacity and nastiness on defense, which requires a little bit of dirtiness. They have to be the more aggressive, energetic team considering that they’re at home.

Can head coach Brad Stevens make the proper adjustments? The Cavaliers don't have anything to lose in Game 2. They already did their job by stealing a game in Boston. Now it's up to the Celtics to counter Cleveland's dominant Game 1 performance. Game 2 will tipoff at 8:30 pm Eastern Time on TNT.