The Ball family is in full swing. After revealing a new brand endorsed by top draft prospect Lonzo Ball, the family's patriarch, Lavar has turned himself again after a controversial conversation with Kristine Leahy. Not to mention a company in Argentina alleges that the controversial man stole the Big Baller Brand from them.

But despite his dubious statements about MJ and how he can beat him one-on-one, the guy is a proud father, and it turns out his sons can play basketball. Recently the Ball Brothers were seen playing in a pick-up game in a gym at 24 Hour Fitness.

The game featured Lonzo's unusual but effective jump shot that according to many experts will fail in the NBA. Aside from Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo also showed their repertoire of moves, but the eldest stood out with fadeaway jump shots, a variety of athletic layups and some dunks. You can check out the full footage below:

Laker's dilemma

It appears that Lonzo is on his way to the NBA, becoming a favorite choice for the Los Angeles Lakers with the team's second overall slot unless Boston passes on Markelle Fultz. The pick-up games reveal the Ball's passion for basketball, and it is apparently clear on the court. Lavar has openly stated that he wants his son to play for the Purple and Gold and stay close to the family.

Although the Lakers have expressed its interest in Lonzo, the team has an apparent problem with its stacked PG lineup. According to many basketball pundits, adding the eldest Ball brother with the presence of D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson in the PG spot does not make sense unless they trade one of the talents. Lonzo is going to be invited by the Lakers shortly for a workout session, but it does not mean that Los Angeles won't take a close look at other draftees like Fultz, De’Aaron Fox, and Josh Jackson.

Rise to fame

LaVar Ball rose to fame in 2017 for making wild assumptions about his sons and how he can beat Michael Jordan on his heyday. He also stated that Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, Lebron James, and Russel Westbrook. He also believed that his three sons are worth $1 billion for a shoe endorsement. He recently dragged Kyrie Irving's late mother in comparing parenting styles which Lavar stated Kyrie that he has no business in butting in because he has no children. It was quickly met with massive opposition because Kyrie has a baby daughter. Up until today, he continues to enjoy enormous publicity because of his outlandish remarks.