At Sunday night's WWE "Payback" 2017 pay-per-view results, Alexa Bliss made women's wrestling history. The smaller wrestling star nicknamed "Five Feet of Fury" was able to capture the WWE RAW Womens' Championship after pinning the champion, Bayley. The win came as Bayley was under the spotlight in her hometown of San Jose, California. Here's a look at how the newest member of the WWE "RAW" women's roster was able to capture this title, making her the first to have won both the "SmackDown" and "RAW" women's titles in history.

Alexa's historic win

Bayley entered Sunday night's WWE "Payback" PPV as the WWE RAW Women's champion.

After having a huge WrestleMania moment earlier this month when she won a Fatal Fourway to defend her title, the scene was set for another big night. However, that night was Alexa Bliss' to take over.

While the WWE match took place in Bayley's hometown where she grew up rooting for various wrestling stars, Alexa had the winning strategy. The two women's stars went back and forth in their match, each hitting some vicious moves.

However, Alexa was able to yank Bayley headfirst into the bottom turnbuckle at one point.

Despite the referee trying to check on Bayley, the smaller women's star told the ref "she's fine" and kept pulling Bayley into the ring.

Bayley tried to give a final effort, but Alexa ultimately hit a huge DDT to drive her headfirst into the mat. That put Bayley down for the pinfall, and after the three count, "Miss Bliss" was the new "RAW" women's champ.

She's now held the "SmackDown" women's title twice and the "RAW" title for her first reign ever. No other female wrestler has achieved that distinction, yet.

What's next for Alexa?

Alexa appeared on the after show for "Payback" which was shown on WWE Network. During her time there, she complained that hosts Renee Young and Jerry "The King" Lawler didn't have balloons and streamers for her when she arrived.

Alexa eventually left the set unhappy that there was no big celebration for her.

Now that she's the champ, there are a number of possible contenders for Alexa Bliss now that she has the RAW Women's Championship. Obviously, Bayley will be first in line for her rematch. That could take place as soon as Monday Night on "RAW" on the USA Network.

However, one has to think that Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Nia Jax will also be in line for a possible championship. Dana Brooke and Emma could also be waiting in the wings so WWE fans should stay tuned to see what comes about.