The WWE will hold its next pay-per-view, "Wwe Payback 2017," at the end of April, just weeks after the big "Superstar Shake-up" changed some of the major stars on both brands. It included the WWE United States and Intercontinental Champions trading places, as well as former SmackDown World Champion Bray Wyatt joining the "red brand." That has led to some cross-brand matchups with it. Here's a look at the latest scheduled "WWE Payback" matches for the card, as well as some rumors heading towards the big event.

Matches scheduled so far

Even though Bray Wyatt moved over to "Raw" it doesn't mean he won't get a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight title he lost at "WrestleMania 33" to Randy Orton.

Bray challenged Orton weeks ago to a "House of Horrors" match. WWE fans still have no clue what this will involve as it could be held inside a cage in the ring, or at a location outside the arena. However, the title is on the line and this could serve as the main event unless another big match takes priority over it on the card.

As mentioned, United States Champion Kevin Owens also moved to the "blue brand" of "SmackDown Live." However, he also has a rematch scheduled against current "Raw" star Chris Jericho. Jericho lost the title to Owens at "WrestleMania 33" so gets his shot to regain it at "Payback." However, rumors suggest Jericho is taking off to tour with his rock band, so fans might not expect the win here.

Matt and Jeff Hardy returned at "WrestleMania 33" to plenty of fan cheers, and the popular duo was able to capture the "Raw" tag team titles in a four-team ladder match. The Hardy Boyz are now set to defend those titles against No. 1 contenders Sheamus and Cesaro at the big pay-per-view.

One other match is currently booked, with Austin Aries getting his second shot at Neville's Cruiserweight Championship.

Aries won another four-person match on WWE's "205 Live" to become the top contender again. Could "Double A" finally capture the title or will Neville continue to reign as "King of the Cruiserweights?"

Other possible matches?

The "Raw" Women's Championship still belongs to Bayley, but now she has a few new possible contenders for it.

Nia Jax is still in the chase, but now former "SmackDown" Women's champ Alexa Bliss has joined "Raw," as has her former friend Mickie James. Sasha Banks seems like she is ready to go heel so, so don't be surprised if she turns against her friend at some point. Will it be a one-on-one or triple-threat or maybe a Fatal Fourway for the title, or no match at all? There could also be a title match and No. 1 contender's match for this belt in the PPV.

And then there's Roman Reigns. He was recently destroyed by Braun Strowman on "Monday Night Raw." However, Reigns has resurfaced at live events over the past weekend and attacked Strowman. That seems to indicate these two will get yet another pay-per-view match, possibly an ambulance match or Last Man Standing.

Either way, the rumor is that this battle will determine the new No. 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal title.

WWE fans, what other matches do you think will be added to the "WWE Payback 2017" card? Who will the big winners be at the event?