The WWE Universal Championship was won by "The Beast" Brock Lesnar earlier this month. However, Lesnar won't be defending the title at this Sunday's "Payback" pay-per-view. Instead, Lesnar is scheduled to have his first title defense at a pay-per-view in July of this year. The new PPV name was recently unveiled and has caught some fans off guard with what the title is as WWE "Great Balls Of Fire" gets its first ever run in July 2017. Here's all the latest on this recently unveiled event.

New July pay-per-view?

The newest WWE pay-per-view will be called WWE "Great Balls of Fire" and takes place on July 9th from Dallas, Texas.

The American Airlines Arena, home of the National Basketball Association's Dallas Mavericks, will be the host site for the newly-named event. A tweet was sent out by the WWE Dallas Twitter account earlier today to announce the new pay-per-view for this summer.

The rumor is that this PPV was originally the "Bad Blood" pay-per-view but due to the more "PG-friendly" nature of WWE these days, a new name was given. Unfortunately for some fans, that name refers to a longtime classic Jerry Lee Lewis song from the 1960s.

As mentioned, Brock Lesnar won the Universal Championship at WWE's "WrestleMania 33" pay-per-view earlier this month. He defeated then-champion Goldberg in a match which actually went past two minutes in length. Despite Goldberg getting in some spears and other offense, Lesnar hit multiple German suplexes and his trademark finisher, the F5, to finally defeat his rival.

As fans know, once Brock wins a title he doesn't defend it often, so that makes his next defense a big deal.

Who will challenge Brock?

As of right now, it's anyone's guess who will take on "The Beast" for the title. There is speculation that if Braun Strowman defeats Roman Reigns in their match at WWE "Payback" this weekend, then Strowman becomes the No.

1 contender. Weeks ago, he showed up during an in-ring speech from Brock and Paul Heyman to say he had his eye on that title. At the time, Heyman was basically calling out Roman Reigns since both he and Brock are the only ones to have defeated The Undertaker at "WrestleMania."

However, there could be other potential opponents besides Strowman. While it seems early, Roman Reigns could always become an earlier contender than expected. Finn Balor could go on another push towards the championship which he was the inaugural owner of for one day. Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt are three other names that come to mind, as does the current Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose.

However, one has to think WWE will go with someone different besides Rollins and Ambrose, as both have fought Lesnar in previous feuds. The same goes for Reigns, but the rumors are he and Brock will meet up again at "WrestleMania 34" with the title on the line.