The first round of the NFL Draft came with many surprises, and QBs were going early in the draft. Three QBs were taken off the board, and all going to good situations. Mitchell Trubisky was selected No. 2 overall by the Bears, Patrick Mahomes was taken No. 10 overall by the Chiefs, and Deshaun Watson was taken No. 12 overall by the Houston Texans. These QBs have promising careers, and their coaches will need to work with them to fix their mechanics and IQs. Of these three first-round QBs, which one will benefit the most from their new home?

Mitchell Trubisky

The Bears seemed to give up a lot in order to grab UNC's Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky has the least amount of experience, only starting 13 games compared to Watson and Mahomes. But he is the most mechanically sound out of the three, and he was the highest rated QB in the draft. Trubisky goes to Chicago where he won't have to start immediately, as the Bears signed Mike Glennon during the offseason. Trubisky can learn from Glennon, but don't be surprised if he gets thrown into the fire during the season if Glennon isn't performing. Trubisky needs to learn about blitzes and coverages more, as he struggled with that in his bowl game last year. Trubisky has time to learn under John Fox and the system, but his lack of experience might come back to bite him later on.

Patrick Mahomes II

The Chiefs jumped up 17 spots to take Patrick Mahomes Ii from Texas Tech. Mahomes has the best raw talent out of the three QBs, as his arm talent is comparable to gunslinger Brett Favre. But Mahomes has the worst mechanics out of the three and he will need to learn how to run an NFL offense. His air-raid system he ran at Texas Tech won't transfer into the NFL so he will need to get into his playbook early.

Mahomes won't need to rush, as the Chiefs still have Alex Smith as their QB. Smith is one of the most consistent QBs in the game, and Mahomes can learn a lot under his tutelage. Mahomes also has a head coach in Andy Reid who has coached some great QBs in his day. He is the coach who made Alex Smith as good as he is today. Andy Reid will need to start from scratch with Mahomes, but he can take his time, as Smith still has some good years ahead of him.

Deshaun Watson

The Browns traded their twelfth pick to the Texans, and they made sure they addressed their QB needs. They drafted Clemson standout Deshaun Watson, who has been underrated throughout the entire draft process. Watson has the best resume out of the three QBs, having won a national championship, and being a two-time Heisman runner-up. Watson has the highest chance to start this upcoming season, as the Texans have Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden on the roster. Watson will need time to get his footwork right and learn how to recognize blitzes, but might not have enough time, as he might be the starter in week one. Watson is the most polished QB, but he needs more polishing to become a good QB in the league.

He may not have as much time as the other two, however, and may get thrown to the wolves rather quickly.

All three of these QBs have the potential to be great QBs if their new teams take the time to groom them. Mahomes looks like the QB who will benefit the most, as he has a QB whisperer in Andy Reid, and a QB to model his game after in Alex Smith. Watson might be thrown to the wolves too early, and as for Trubisky, even though he will have time to learn the NFL offense, that inexperience might cost him. These first round QBs were chosen for a reason, and now they will need to prove it on the field.