The WWE Universe is just learning that popular superstar Finn Balor has suffered an injury only weeks after returning from a long time away. Apparently, Balor suffered the injury during this past week's episode of "Monday Night Raw," leaving fans to wonder about his current condition. Will Balor be able to wrestle again soon, or will he be kept out of the ring for an extended period? Here's the latest on Balor's injury situation for the WWE.

Balor's injury on 'Raw'

On this past Monday's episode of "Raw," Finn Balor was back in the ring for his second-straight week.

After he teamed up last week with Seth Rollins to defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, Balor was in singles action. This time around he took on Jinder Mahal.

During the WWE match, Mahal struck Finn in the head with an elbow forearm, which forced him to the ground afterward. A tweet with a "slowed-down" replay of what happened made its way onto Twitter, showing that the impact was very real to the left side of the superstar's head.

This reportedly gave Balor a concussion, leading to the latest concern for his well being. A return date for the superstar was not known immediately after the injury was reported.

Balor's bad luck?

If this put's Finn Balor on the shelf for an extended period of time, it will mark the second time in his young career on "Raw" that he is sidelined due to a mishap in a match. Way back at WWE "SummerSlam" 2016, Balor competed against Seth Rollins for the wwe universal title. During that bout, Rollins tossed Balor against a crowd barricade when they were outside the ring.

Balor tried to put his arm back and caught it awkwardly on the crowd barrier as he hit.

The result was surgery for his shoulder, torn labrum, and other complications that accompanied the injury. On "Raw" the next night, he was also forced to relinquish the WWE Universal title he had just won. He ended up being sidelined through major pay-per-view events including WWE's "Royal Rumble" this past January but made his big return on the night after "WrestleMania 33."

For Balor, he will now undergo the required concussion tests that WWE administers to its superstars who suffer concussions.

Balor will need to pass the tests in order to be granted permission to return to the ring. As Heavy reported, the time Balor is out will depend on how he does in the tests. He could be back within a week, or at worst, out for a whole year.

WWE fans are certainly hoping for the best outcome for Balor as he spent a tremendous amount of time in order to rehab himself from surgery and injury just to get back to the wrestling ring.