John Wall scored 42 points, Bradley Beal dropped 31, and the Washington Wizards stomped the Atlanta Hawks en route to a 115-99 Game 6 win. Paul Millsap led the Hawks with 31 points and Dennis Schroder did his best to fight back from a 22-point deficit but it wasn't enough, as the Wizards are now on their way to take on the Boston Celtics in round two.

John Wall's heroics

While many were talking about Russell Westbrook all season, they missed out on seeing John Wall completely dominate his opponents all season long and dominate the Hawks all series long.

John Wall came up huge, posting a 42 point, 8 assist stat line with 4 steals and 2 blocks on 16 of 25 shooting. After Bradley Beal drove left into the paint, he went off-balance and threw a pass that went right into Schroder's hands. Wall had a huge chase down block on Dennis Schroder directly after and it crushed Atlanta's comeback hopes. John Wall saw that the game was getting tight and went to work. 14 of his points in the fourth quarter came off of jump shots or layups.

One positive for Atlanta

Although Atlanta went down 22 in the third quarter, they didn't give up. Fueled by their home crowd, Jose Calderon and Kent Bazemore both hit clutch corner threes to keep them in the game. This fight in them comes directly from Schroder and Millsap, and it is a fight that you need your leaders to have.

Atlanta was outmatched for most of the series on paper, but they pushed Washington as far as they could, and that is impressive.

The main key for Atlanta this offseason is to evaluate and address their supporting cast. Too often in this series, if Schroder and Millsap didn't hit shots, the Hawks didn't have any hope. They have to address this because it's clear that they need more than just Kent Bazemore to be a scorer.

Tim Hardaway Jr. needs to develop, and so does Taurean Prince.

Wizards' future

We've got a 7-game series brewing in this second round. The Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics are both rolling and both going to meet head-on in the second round. John Wall and Bradley Beal are on a tear so the first noticeable issue in this series is how Boston will defend them.

Isaiah Thomas can't guard Wall or Beal, so the idea is that Bradley will try to play Wall, but who will guard Beal? These questions are going to be quite interesting to see play out, and hopefully fans will get some answers.

On the other side of things, the Celtics have been moving the ball really well. The Wizards' defense has been better of late, but ball movement can tear them apart.