The 2017 NFL Draft started last night and the top 32 picks were almost all predictable. There were, however, a few picks that were interesting, to say the least.

Cleveland builds a new team

Cleveland ended up with three First Round picks in the draft, including the number one pick due to their 1-15 season last year. They made a wise choice in selecting Myles Garrett, DE from Texas A&M. Garrett has a big future ahead of him as the first pick of the draft. He has a lot to prove, but he has the entirety of Texas A&M and his friends and family backing him.

As important as football is in Texas, most of the state will be watching his career as well.

Cleveland's other draft picks in the first round were Jabrill Peppers (S from Michigan) and David Njoku (TE from Miami). With these two and Garret, Cleveland's next venture should be a QB. A new QB is a must if their draft picks are going to pan out at all. They will have to build up their team if they do choose to draft a rookie QB, rather than trading for a veteran, but that will make the team's chemistry all the better. The players and coaches will have a long season, but if they stick with their picks and add a QB, in a few seasons, they are destined to be a version of the Cleveland Browns that NFL fans have not seen in quite some time.

T.J. Watt to Steelers

If you've followed J.J. Watt on any form of social media for the past few years, you wouldn't have to watch college ball to know T.J. Watt. The Texans' star constantly posts about his younger brother -- pictures, wishes of luck before a big game, and just to brag about him. Sharing J.J.'s genes and work ethic, it's no wonder that T.J.

Watt went in the first round. The new Steelers player is going to face tough critics, especially those who are already a huge fan of his brother. The toughest critic he will face, however, will be himself. There are now two Watts on the field and fans will hold T.J. to the standards of J.J. Things will get pretty interesting on the field on Christmas Day when the brothers play head-to-head.

Dallas selects Taco Charlton

Those who follow the Cowboys' draft records know that generally a defensive player is picked in the first round. It would seem only right to select a defensive player considering the losses taken in that department in the off-season. He may be very good, worthy of his first round pick, but Charlton has big shoes to fill. Dallas will need to choose more defensive players if they hope to have a season like their last, but it seems as though Taco Charlton is a great start.

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