On Monday night in the Phillips Arena, The Atlanta Hawks captured a thorough victory against the Washington Wizards. The team used their home court advantage, which kept the fans following the game throughout their play. Trailing at the end of the first quarter by 7, the Hawks decided to start taking it to the Wizards. The Hawks regained the lead midway through the second quarter. As the game continued, Dwight Howard and his teammates were determined to secure the victory.

Buckets for everyone?

The box score made one thing clear - when everyone comes to play on the Atlanta Hawks team they can become dangerous.

Seven players on the Hawks had double digit points, two players had seven assist or more and Dwight Howard and Paul Milsap combined for 24 rebounds (Howard 15, Milsap 9). It would be accurate to say that Atlanta was playing sound basketball and their defense allowed them to hold off the double headed guard play of John Wall and Bradley Beal. Wall and Beal still combined for 54 points. They shot forty-two percent from the field combined as well as 12 assist. Unfortunately their team shot forty-two percent as well and only had 7 assist in return. It is safe to say that although John Wall and Beal took the majority of the shots Monday night, they were in need of help from some of their teammates.

Turnovers also killed the Wizards, they had a total of fifteen for the night.

Game 5 -The Wizards strike back

Hopefully game five will hold a different outcome for the Wizards. With the series tied at 2-2, Washing has to find a way to grab the advantage over Atlanta. With both n being twenty points per game players, they will need their supporting cast to make plays that will add to their dominance.

Markieff Morris, Otto Porter Jr and company will have to find ways to become effective on the offensive side of the ball. When it comes to defending the Hawks, they cannot give them open opportunities to hit three point shots. When they get multiple chances to shoot, they shot and the buckets were devastating blows. With the action moving to the Verizon center, the Wizards should use the home crowd and feed off their energy.

Washington's home record this season was 30-11 and they hope that the record will prove sturdy in the post season. With the series 2-2 the winner of game five will carry the momentum for the last two games of the season. The loser, will have an upward mountain to climb.