Tuesday morning, former Cowboys QB Tony Romo made the decision to retire from the game of football and pursue a broadcasting career. This was a big shock to everyone in the sports world, due to the fact that the Cowboys were planning to release Romo anyways. Romo wasn't happy about his situation in Dallas, even distancing himself from certain teammates or coaches in the process.

Romo felt as though he had no choice but to retire any pursue other options off the field. But he did say that he still has the fire to play, even at age 37, so what teams could make a deal good enough that could pull the QB out of retirement faster than he went into it?

Houston Texans

The team that might need to make a push for Romo is the Houston Texans. The Texans have thrown the Brock Osweiler experiment in the trash, trading the QB to the Browns for draft picks. Now with no decent QB on the roster, the Texans might be worse off at QB now. They made the Osweiler trade thinking Dallas would work out a deal to get Romo, but no trade happened.

The Texans grabbing Romo seems like the most logical situation, as he wouldn't be leaving the Texas area, and wouldn't have to uproot his family and life.

The Texans might not be able to give Romo the contract he got in Dallas, but he shouldn't expect that anyways. With his injury history and age, he wouldn't get more than a two-year deal.

They should use the benefits of a weak division, a stout defense and, promising skill position players to bring him in. Romo would like to have one more shot at getting a Lombardi, and going to Houston might be a way to do that. Not to mention making Jerry Jones envious of his success in his own state.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos is another team that should try to make Romo play for a few more years.

Denver is in a unique position. They have two young QBs that show promise, but it will take some time. Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch are the top QBs on the Denver roster. They don't have the tools to win now though, and after an 8-8 season, the fans in Denver aren't going to be patient.

John Elway has showed interest in Tony Romo during the offseason, but didn't want to move pieces in a trade.

Well teams have the right to contact Romo, so John Elway might want to reach out to him, as he has experience of Super Bowl runs late in his career.

The situation in Denver might be a beneficial situation. The have one of the best defenses in the NFL, so Romo won't have to shoulder the load to carry a team. The have a good receiving core, but the running game will need some work.

It would be in Elway's best interest to fix the o-line before the season, as Romo has gotten hurt behind one of the best lines in football. Denver would be a good fit for Romo, as they are one piece away from being a championship contender, and he is that piece.

Romo has decided to call it quits, but he still might be getting phone calls from teams.

If the situation and money is right, don't be surprised if Romo decided to come back for another shot at a title. These are the two teams that would make the most logical sense, and the only teams that have a reasonable shot at getting the QB.