Adam Morrison is a college basketball legend. There was no way he was going to pass up the opportunity to cheer on his alma mater Gonzaga during the Ncaa Championship Game on Monday night. When the CBS telecast showed the former player, though, he looked a lot different than how most of his fans probably remember him during his college basketball heyday, when the Bulldogs first rose to national prominence.

Appearance as a fan

With just over eight minutes left in the NCAA Championship Game, the CBS broadcast took a moment to take a peek at Morrison, on his feet in the stands.

To many, he would have been unidentifiable if the network didn't identify him. His face was bright red - perhaps from nerves about the game - and his hair was slicked back like a mafia boss. He was also wearing a red Gonzaga tank top, which showed off both his athletic build and what can only be described as a body-wide sunburn.

Prior to the game, Morrison was making some rounds on social media, so some knew to expect a much different appearance from his Gonzaga days, when the hair was flowing and the mustache was stuck in the 1970s. Still, it must have been slightly shocking to see just where the former superstar is in his life right now.

A legend in his own right

Adam Morrison never played in the NCAA Championship Game, but it wasn't from a lack of effort.

He dominated in college for three seasons in the mid-2000s, earning a Co-Player of the Year award (with Duke's JJ Redick) during his last season at Gonzaga. The team made it all the way to the Sweet 16 that year before falling to UCLA, leading the star to collapse on the court in an unforgettable moment of pure emotion.

Things haven't gone extremely well for him since then, though.

He managed to win two NBA titles in his professional career, but barely saw any playing time during his stint in the pros. He returned to Gonzaga to get his degree after his playing career and work with the basketball team on a limited basis. For now, Morrison's appearance in the spotlight is limited to strange visuals on the game's biggest stage, where he once roamed.