When it comes to suitors for Tony Romo, the Washington Redskins should consider being right at the top of the list. This is despite the fact the team already has a quarterback many would consider a franchise player. The issue is that the franchise player they currently have under center is one that has been talked about all offseason as someone who might be leaving the Redskins sometime before the draft. If Washington does want to entertain trading Kirk Cousins for a high draft pick, then they need to give a long hard look at Romo.

Rebuilding project not a certainty with Tony Romo for Washington Redskins

When looking at the Washington Redskins' options at quarterback after Cousins, it appears a trade would mean a rebuilding project. Colt McCoy appears to be the next in line, and he's far from someone any team would look at to lead them to the promised land, let alone the playoffs. Not only would Romo be someone who could immediately steal the starting quarterback job, but someone who has plenty of experience in the playoffs. For the moment, we'll ignore the fact that his performances in the postseason have not been the stuff of legends and just look at the fact he's been to the playoffs more than any Redskins offensive player currently on the roster.

Obvious risks for the Washington Redskins

The old saying of "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" certainly applies to the sudden availability of Tony Romo. The first obvious risk for the Washington Redskins is that Romo is still banged up. The man who was once considered the savior of the Dallas Cowboys has certainly been hurt more often than not the last few years.

If Dallas is willing to trade him to the Redskins, it could mean the team knows he's a shadow of his former self. The other risk is simply that he might not be hurt now, but could be brittle once the season rolls around. There is also the question as to just what the Cowboys would ask in return. Despite all of that, kicking the tires on a Romo trade makes too much sense to ignore.