Dwyane Wade had earlier been ruled out for the season by the Chicago Bulls following a fractured elbow last March. For some reason, the all-star guard has fought through adversity and has rejoined his team in scrimmages.

Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg said that Wade looked good in practice though he had to work on his conditioning and timing. Based on his tone, it seems that the “Flash” will be coming back and contribute to the team’s current campaign.

Dwyane Wade defying the odds

Wade has been around to know when to play and when not to. Most teams would opt to sit out their stars, especially if it includes a serious injury.

But the case of Wade is a bit different.

With most talking about NBA free agency, Wade has his future on his hands. The easy route is to opt in seeing that it is the lucrative recourse than gambling in the open market. But even if he does pick up the player option, it is no guarantee that the Bulls will keep him.

The Bulls have embarked on crazy things thus far as they try to rebuild the Bulls. Big name players like Wade and Jimmy Butler have been mentioned in NBA trade talk and such is expected to carry on in the summer.

Wade may be trying to reach that itch to play and help the Bulls make the playoffs. They are currently in the seventh position and every win counts. Helping Chicago reach the playoffs would be an achievement though their chances against teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Toronto Raptors aren’t exactly favorable.

Bulls could use a push

Jimmy Butler has been carrying the cudgels but welcomes the possible return of Wade. However, he does not want Wade to force the issue and raise risks of re-injuring his elbow.

Assuming he does get the green light to play, Wade could suit up for the Bulls against the lowly Brooklyn Nets on Saturday. A lot would depend on the coming days as the Bulls keep a close watch on the real score of his elbow.

Wade returning is admirable but the thought of worsening the injury is something he has to be made aware of. Though he is in the twilight of his career, he can play a couple of more years in the NBA for as long as he stays healthy.