It has been a miraculous comeback for the Boston Celtics in this series after losing the first two games at home with the Chicago Bulls having the opportunity to close them out in four. However, the Celtics have won three consecutive games to take a 3-2 lead.

Chicago’s injury concerns

Since Rajon Rondo fractured his thumb in Game 2, the Bulls have been unable to win games. His ability to push the ball and run the offense has hurt Chicago tremendously. In addition to Rondo, Jimmy Butler is reportedly playing through knee soreness, which may be the result of his offensive struggles in Game 5.

After jumping out to a 2-0 series lead, the Bulls have completely fallen apart, and now the Celtics are in good position to close out the series.

Isaiah Thomas’ fourth quarter

Isaiah Thomas has been enormous as usual during fourth quarters and has caused major problems for the Bulls with his dribble drives. Isaiah Canaan has become the primary defender on Thomas and has struggled to keep the speedy point guard in front of him. Since the first two games where Thomas seemed to be discouraged from the passing of his sister, he has suddenly come alive to lead the Celtics.

How do the Bulls stop the 5-foot-9 point guard? They must build a wall around him and throw hard traps on the screens to force him to turnovers.

It may also be ideal to guard him with more size, possibly covering him with Butler or Michael Carter-Williams, who is a bigger point guard. It’s easier said than done, but the Bulls must make quick adjustments or their season will be over tonight.

Why the Boston Celtics should be able to close out

With Butler’s bum knee, Rondo’s absence, and Dwyane Wade’s inability to effectively carry the team single-handedly, the Celtics should be able to close out en route to the second round.

Al Horford has been a major contributor in the last three games, which has given the Celtics a huge edge. Avery Bradley has also been scoring in bunches to provide offensive aide to Thomas.

The rebounding dominance from Chicago doesn’t even matter anymore since Boston has stabilized Chicago’s offense with Rondo out. The Bulls have looked stagnant at times because they cannot seem to execute in half-court sets.

As long as the Celtics receive production from Horford, Bradley, and Jae Crowder, outside of Thomas, they should be able to seal the series. They have looked far more superior to the Bulls in the last three games, and Fred Hoiberg doesn’t seem to be able to make the proper adjustments to counter.

The Celtics and Bulls will play Game 6 at 8 pm Eastern Time on TNT at the United Center.