The Nebraska Football team has been looking to answer the question as to who is going to be under center for the fall. It doesn't appear that question is going to be answered until the fall. That doesn't mean Mike Riley and company don't know who the leader is, but the Head Coach seems ready to keep in under his hat for now.

When Riley has been previously asked about his approach to naming the starting quarterback he has said he would like the competition to keep going. It appears the head coach believes if no one is named the leader, both will play as hard as possible to win the job.

Considering what's at stake for Nebraska this season, it makes sense Riley wants to see some tough competition all the way to the finish line.

The pair have rebounded

There was a stretch, as the Nebraska football team headed towards its Spring Break that things looked a bit bleak for both Patrick O'Brien and Tanner Lee. Both Riley and offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said the players said the pair had taken a bit of a step back. Too many turnovers had led the coaches to point out both players had some developing to do.

Both Nebraska quarterbacks have shrugged off their apparent struggles and are looking sharp again as we head to the final week of practice. As we head towards the fall, there are plenty of people who think Lee will be the Starting Quarterback for Nebraska when the season kicks off, but Riley has been careful to make sure no one knows just where he is leaning for his pick.

While there has been talk about Tristan Gebbia having a nice spring as well, Riley has made it clear the true freshman has been all but ruled out as the Nebraska football starter.

Not the only Nebraska position battle being kept under Riley's hat

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Nebraska coaching staff is not ready to name a starting quarterback and won't be doing so for some time.

Riley has made it clear that when it comes to position battles, he likes to keep the players in the dark as long as possible. The coach is taking the same basic approach to the running back position.

After Nebraska's most recent practice had come to a close, Riley once again sang the praises of sophomore Tre Bryant. Bryant has been thought of as the leader in RB1 competition but his coaches have made it clear they aren't saying. For those Nebraska football fans wanting to know the leaders in these positions, it's going to be a several month wait before they get satisfaction.