Anyone closely watching the Nebraska Football quarterback battle should have known that it wasn't always going to be easy. Tanner Lee and Patrick O'Brien are both very good quarterbacks backs but they're also still learning a system and how to be a starter in that system.

Because they are both new to being a starting quarterback at Nebraska, there are times when they aren't going to make the right decisions. It appears both football players took a bit of a step back in the last practice before the team went on Spring Break.

Struggling to find open receivers

During the final Nebraska football practice before Spring Break, offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf said both O'Brien and Lee were showing signs of struggling. The two quarterbacks were both having problems finding open receivers and they were turning the ball over more than the coaching staff was comfortable with. has quoted Langsdorf as saying he understood this was going to happen but it's still not something Nebraska can afford to see more of in the future and in live games. Forcing throws and missing check down receivers was a big part of the problem when they didn't have those open pass catchers. “I think sometimes those guys think they can zip it into a tight window and forcing the ball can be a mistake,” Langsdorf said.

Nebraska football Red Zone problems

When talking about what was the problem for both Nebraska football quarterbacks, Langsdorf believed a big part of the problem was working in the Red Zone. The offensive coordinator made it clear both quarterbacks have the arm strength to zip the ball into tight spaces. At times, both Huskers fell in love with their arms just a little too much.

The Nebraska QBs, both Lee and O'Brien said the windows to throw get far too small when they are in the Red Zone. Husker defenders were able to close the gap more quickly. The good news is the practice was a positive for the Nebraska football defense. Now Lee and O'Brien get to show why one of them is going to win the starting job. One of them has to step up and learn.