The Nebraska Football team seems to have an awful lot of good leads when it comes to their 2018 Recruiting class. The problem, at least when looking at the rest of the Big Ten conference, is that the leads are not translating into commits just yet. Because it's only April, it isn't anywhere close to time to panic, but watching Northwestern already line up nine commitments has to make the Husker coaching family just a little bit nervous. A look at where the recruiting rankings sit now show Nebraska is no longer at the top of their own division.

Lots of Big Ten, Top Ten teams has Nebraska football playing catch up

The good news, for the Huskers in general, is that it appears the Big Ten is having a very good spring. I say that's a good thing for the Cornhuskers because top players coming into the conference will make more top players want to come to the conference. Hopefully the Nebraska football team can point to an increase in talent, as a reason some of theses top recruits will want to come to Lincoln. At the same time, Nebraska is not one of the six Big Ten teams that is currently ranked in the composite Top 25 rankings. Penn State is number one, continuing a hot 2017 recruiting season and letting it bleed into 2018. They are followed by Ohio State and then a couple of surprise teams in Northwestern (already nine commits) and Wisconsin (eight commits) Minnesota and Michigan State round out the top six in the conference.

Nebraska football fans don't have to panic just yet

If there is any argument for why the Huskers don't need to panic about their being ranked eighth in the conference, it's that the number seven team is Michigan. The Nebraska football team knows the Wolverines are a recruiting juggernaut and if they only have three commits, the Huskers' own three shouldn't be cause for concern yet.

There is also the little fact that Nebraska is purported to be planning a massive recruiting day for their Spring Game with literally dozens of potential Nebraska players hitting town. If we move closer to August and September ranked eighth in the conference, it will officially be time to worry in Nebraska.