Even though LeBron James doesn't want to admit it, he and Steph Curry are rivals. LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers faced Curry's Golden State Warriors in NBA finals last two seasons and there is a big chance that they will make it three in a row this year. The Warriors will try to avenge their loss from the 2016 NBA finals, and it seems that Curry is enjoying watching the Cavaliers struggle in the regular season.

Curry recently "liked" Instagram picture with LeBron James' quote that said, "We're in a bad spot." This quote came after the Cavaliers lost their third straight game and the first seed in the conference.

There is rivalry between Curry and LeBron

It seems that LeBron James is the only person who denies that there is a rivalry between him and Steph Curry. Curry won two consecutive MVP awards and his Warriors have been one of the best NBA teams in the last few years. LeBron doesn't like the Warriors, and they don't like him and his team.

There is a lot of mutual respect and admiration between James and Curry, but they are nothing but foes on the basketball court. Both of them are competitors who are trying to win as many championships as possible, and they will do anything in their power to achieve it. Fortunately for NBA fans, they have a unique opportunity to witness this rivalry as both James and Curry are fantastic players, whose careers have been very impressive.

Steph Curry said he accidentally "liked" LeBron's quote on Instagram, but is it really like that?

The rivalry will most likely continue for years

While it's true that the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled lately, it is still very unlikely that someone will be able to knock them out of the playoffs before they reach the finals.

LeBron James is simply too good in the postseason and he is eager to win his fourth NBA championship. On the other side, the Warriors will give their best to win another championship after they got humiliated by the Cavaliers last year. The Warriors had a 3-1 lead in the finals, but LeBron and the Cavs came back, achieving the first 1-3 comeback in NBA finals history.

Both of these teams keep dominating their opponents and there is a good chance they will meet in NBA finals for the third straight year. Will the Warriors avenge their embarrassing loss from the last year or LeBron James will remain on his throne? We will probably get an answer to this question in just a few months.