With only a handful of games remaining in the NBA regular season, a majority of teams have now been eliminated from the NBA playoff picture, while others are still competing for higher seeds or just a spot. In both the Eastern and Western Conference there is one team on the outside looking in with a shot to bump another team out and gain a postseason spot. Here's the latest look at who's in, who's out, and who still has a chance with three or four games left on the schedule before the playoffs start.

Eastern Conference picture

The Cleveland Cavaliers (51-28) currently have the No.

1 spot in the East, but only by a half-game over the Boston Celtics (51-29). Also battling within the top four are the Toronto Raptors (49-31) and Washington Wizards (48-32). These teams have all clinched spots as have the Atlanta Hawks (41-38) and Milwaukee Bucks (41-39) due to Saturday's results.

If NBA Playoffs started today:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 8. Chicago Bulls

2. Boston Celtics vs. 7. Indiana Pacers

3. Toronto Raptors vs. 6. Milwaukee Bucks

4. Washington Wizards vs. 5. Atlanta Hawks

During Saturday's NBA action, the Charlotte Hornets lost to the Boston Celtics 121-114. That loss right there not only eliminated the Hornets from a slim chance at a playoff spot but also the Detroit Pistons.

Left standing in the dust are the Miami Heat. At 39-41 after a win against the Wizards on Saturday, they're listed at No. 9 and are fighting with the Pacers and Bulls to get one of the final two remaining spots.

Western Conference picture

In the West is there any surprise that the No. 1 team is the Golden State warriors? At 65-14 overall, Golden State can basically rest their top players in their remaining games and still have the home court throughout the playoffs.

They were expected to give Stephen Curry some rest on Saturday while bringing Kevin Durant back onto the court. At the No. 2 spot will be the San Antonio Spurs (61-19), while Houston holds the No. 3 spot. Things get interesting after that.

If NBA Playoffs started today:

1. Golden State Warriors vs. 8. Portland Trail Blazers


San Antonio Spurs vs. 7. Memphis Grizzlies

3. Houston Rockets vs. 6. OKC Thunder

4. Utah Jazz vs. 5. LA Clippers

The Utah Jazz were in action against Portland on Saturday night and had the No. 4 spot when the night began. The No. 5 Los Angeles Clippers (49-31) defeated San Antonio to stay within distance of that four-spot, though. Grabbing that particular seed is big as it would provide either squad with home court advantage to start their postseason.

The two teams still fighting for a playoff spot out West are the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets. Portland was in action on Saturday against Utah. ESPN listed Portland as holding a 91.8 percent chance of grabbing the final spot, while Denver had just an 8.2 percent chance.