The Los Angeles Lakers are moving forward and there will be some players that will be left behind. With the emphasis on youth, old hand Metta World Peace is someone likely to be left behind.

The Lakers informed the 37-year-old player that he will not be re-signed for a third straight season with the embattled franchise focused on getting in young cagers that they can develop. Looking for the last couple of seasons, setting aside Peace hardly impacts the Lakers intent to get back on top. Regardless, Peace thanked the Lakers for the opportunity.

What lies ahead for Metta World Peace?

At 37, Peace could easily hang it all up or embark on a career in coaching. There is a chance he could try to play on overseas, something discarded NBA players have resorted to.

As for the NBA, the future of the man also known as Ron Artest holds no promise. With the large influx of young players for the same position, the only benefit that Peace brings is a brush of toughness on occasion and taking in younger players under his wing.

Feasible as it may sound, these may not be the outlook that Peace will look forward to.

He hardly made his presence felt the last two seasons and the same is expected moving forward.

Coach Metta World Peace?

Coaching is a possibility for the veteran player but he may need to work his way up towards one. It all starts by being part of a team’s coaching staff and then moving forward.

Right now, there is no word that the Lakers would be adding Peace to Luke Walton’s coaching staff.

If there was any intention to give Peace a different role, it would have been suggested before.

Peace would have to retire to make that happen. Right now, it seems he still want to play. Embarking on a stint in China or Europe could be on his roadmap but his contribution and impact to whichever team that takes him in remains to be seen.

If all else fails, Peace could realize that it is time to hang up his sneakers. If not the big leagues, he could dip his hands in some high school or college level coaching.

The closest bit linking Peace to a possible coaching gig was back in November 2016. According to Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, Peace regularly texted him about coaching. He also adds that Peace has a chance to coach but the temperamental player didn’t want to waste his conditioning – at least not yet.

On the possibility of coaching, Carlisle points out the passion and knowledge Peace has for the game. The point here is that Peace does have options. It all depends on what his next move will be.