Dwyane Wade will miss rest of the season after suffering an elbow Injury, the Chicago Bulls announced. The shooting guard appeared in 57 games for the Bulls this season, averaging 18.6 points per game. Unfortunately, he got injured at the worst time possible, as the Bulls are chasing a playoff spot and are only one game behind the eighth seed. Without Wade, Chicago will most likely not make the playoffs, as he is one of the key pieces of the team.

After hearing the news of Wade's bad luck, the Miami Heat reacted to it. His former teammates and head coach commented on the injury, wishing him the best of luck.

Erik Spoelstra calls Dwyane Wade's injury heartbreaking

Wade's former head coach Erik Spoelstra was the first to comment on the injury of his former player. Spoelstra was in disbelief when he heard the news and was shocked by it. Wade was coached by Spoelstra for eight years and the two of them developed a strong bond. During his time in Miami, Dwyane Wade went through many injuries and setbacks, and coach Spoelstra knows how bad it is to not be able to play due to injuries.

"That's heartbreaking," said Erik Spoelstra about Wade's injury.

He also added how the Miami Heat and the Bulls are both chasing the playoffs and that he expected it to be competitive. It will definitely be less competitive without Dwyane Wade and the Bulls may not reach their goal.

Wade's former teammates comment on his injury

Udonis Haslem, who played with Dwyane Wade for 13 years, said how the timing of the injury is really bad for the Bulls.

He added how his former teammate will use this to get even better and more motivated, just like he has done numerous times before. Goran Dragic said he texted Wade last night after his injury, and he said that they are all brothers. Dragic added that he's been rooting for Wade all season long, and vice versa.

The official Twitter account of the Heat posted a message, wishing Dwyane Wade a quick recovery.

Hopefully Wade will recover quickly and come back stronger and better than before!