It would be a smidgen of a modest representation of the truth to state that Stephen Curry began well in the Warriors' 139-115 triumph over the Washington Wizards at Oracle on Sunday. "Well" doesn't do equity to Curry, who was in on the majority of the Warriors' initial 23 points.

Yes, Curry nailed four three-pointers and gave out five assists in the game's opening seven minutes, getting the Warriors, and their fans, into the match. Curry backed off a smidgen, however despite everything he completed the first half with 22 points and six assists, and he shot 6-of-9 3-pointers.

Notwithstanding hanging in for a significant part of the first half, the Wizards still wound up down 67-57 at halftime.

It was not all well for the Warriors

The main drawback to the night for the Warriors was the way it finished, with Brandon Jennings conferring a flagrant foul against JaVale McGee, who was endeavoring a 3-point shot late in the game however with the shot clock still in play.

That effort went ahead of the heels of the Warriors encouraging Draymond Green on many occasions with a specific goal to attempt to get him a Triple Double, which they in the long run did. In any case, Jennings said he felt the Warriors were discourteous, and even Steve Kerr didn't totally oppose this idea.

Kerr apologized for McGee's shot and recognized that he was "awkward" with it. Still, that couldn't eclipse Curry's execution.

Steph Curry keeps breaking records

Curry's third quarter wasn't exactly on par with his opening quarter. However, he had 15 points, while backcourt mate Klay Thompson had 12. At that point, the Warriors lead 106-88.

Curry's line was a wondrous thing. He had 42 points in only 35 minutes, going 15-for-22 from the field, including 9-for-14 from past the arch. He had eight assists and one forsaken turnover.

Curry hit a 3-pointer in the third quarter to give him 300 for the season. The only player in league history with 300 3-pointers, He has now done this twice.

A year ago Curry completed the season with 402 3-pointers, an association record.

The Warriors have adjusted to life without Durant

The Warriors, somehow, have assembled this 11 game winning streak without the play of Kevin Durant, who has an injured left leg. Durant keeps on gaining ground in his recovery, and the issue isn't whether he'll give back, it's when.

Despite the fact that the Warriors have precluded him for the following two games against Minnesota and Phoenix, it is likely he'll return for the last few games or so before the Warriors head into the postseason.

Draymond Green completed with a triple double scoring 11 points, getting 12 rebounds and distributing 13 assists, don't worry about it the Warriors deliberately were nourishing him for a bucket since he was two points short until he made a 3-pointer in the final moments of play.