Winning in the NBA, regardless of the possibility that it's the consistent season, is not programmed. Ask the Cleveland Cavaliers at this moment. Ask stalwart Warriors fans who rode with the group in the mid-2000's.

That is the reason today around evening time, Steve Kerr's accomplishment needs festivity. He's made winning programmed in the Bay Area. Or, then again perhaps, significantly more, this present: he's made losing unsuitable.

What was the record?

Kerr turned into the fastest coach to 200 wins in NBA history. To supplement that, the Warriors have won no less than 60 regular seasons for the third straight year, that all came after the Warriors didn't achieve the 60-win mark previously in their 68-year history.

Kerr turned into the quickest coach in any of the four major sports to secure 200 wins, outperforming Frank Chance, Don Shula, and Dan Bylsma's records. He overshadowed his mentor Phil Jackson's record of 270 wins and Kerr's regular season record now remains at 200-38 in near three seasons with the Warriors. The records aren't ceasing at any point shortly, either.

How did this happen?

Kerr got the result of pure chance to start his coaching career, beginning with the Warriors amid the 2014-15 crusade and winning 67 games amusements in the regular season. Golden State went through the postseason in transit to being delegated NBA champions in that season. Kerr and the Warriors lined that battle up with 73 wins last season and would have rehashed as champs, had it not been for LeBron James steering the Cleveland Cavaliers to three straight wins over the Dubs in the NBA Finals.

His most prominent achievement as a mentor that isn't breaking records or winning a title? Steph Curry and Draymond Green saw increased performances connected to Kerr's coaching. It is safe to say that they are this great without Kerr actualizing a free streaming offense and exchanging framework on defense? Ultimately begging to be proven wrong, yet most likely not.

Curry could've wound up contrasted with Reggie Miller rather than Michael Jordan. Draymond Green's ability set as a passer is frequently the way to what the Warriors do, and another mentor might've not possessed the capacity to reveal that. Kerr took a skilled program and transformed it into a potential tradition that has established its place in basketball's history — Game 7 misfortune to Cleveland a year ago included.

It hasn't been without its ups and downs

It helped that Kerr played with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Winning three titles gave Kerr the kind of validity most coaches never find in a veteran locker room. Everybody knows the account of Jordan's punching of Steve Kerr in the face at practice. Players right away regarded him. So did different coaches around the association. So did people, who regularly approach Kerr to keep running for political office on Twitter.

Not all things have been consistent. Fans got disappointed with Kerr's trust in Harrison Barnes and Anderson Varejao. This season it's been an absence of pick-and-roll play calls for Steph Curry. Unless the Warriors go 74-8 one year — not impossible with Kerr and the pack here — there will dependably be something to nitpick about, Kerr himself has broken a couple of clipboards en route.

Fans need to respect Steve Kerr and his efforts

Commending Kerr frequently goes unaccounted for; however, his achievement merits a celebration today. 39 of those wins credited to Kerr despite the fact that Luke Walton was the one coaching, in spite of the fact that Walton said his whole coaching style is similar to that of Kerr's. The unnerving part? Steve Kerr is still figuring out how to become a better coach in the NBA. This season is the first occasion when the Warriors won't lead the association in 3-pointers made under Steve Kerr. The Warriors keep on getting better, and Kerr is somewhat pulling strings to this team.