As initially brought up by Twitter client droomexperts, amid this Warriors nine-game winning streak, Curry has torn through Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and now on Wednesday in San Antonio, Kawhi Leonard, and every one of the three of these games was away from home.

Curry's stats against the trio of stars: 28.0 ppg, 8.0 APG, 5.3 rebounds, 47.5 field goal percentage, 14-for-31 (45.1 percent) from 3.

Curry vs. San Antonio Spurs

How about we begin, where Curry put the Spurs in a blender while the first seed in the Western Conference was at stake.

Disregard the 3-point bombs for a moment: Curry is executing all the seemingly insignificant details at this point. He went 7-for-7 from the Free Throw Line in San Antonio, doled out 11 assists and keeps on playing active defense (second in a row game with five fouls). These displays can tell when he is not thinking on the court. At this moment is one of those circumstances.

Kawhi? His assumed extended offensive game quieted by Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and Klay Thompson. He some way or another managed to put up 19 points on 7-of-20 shooting, however adjacent to a hot beginning, Kawhi's effect on the game was negligible. Not an MVP performance. Not in any manner. Will he be relied on to score 25 points per game in the Western Conference Finals?, since that is what will be required of Leonard for San Antonio to stand a shot.

Curry vs. Houston Rockets

Make a trip back so as to Tuesday, where Harden flailed his way to 24 points directly thanks toward an insane performance at the free throw line. Notwithstanding, the current year's unexpected MVP contender went 1-for-9 from downtown and hit only 5 of his 20 shots in a game that could've in the long run pushed the Warriors to the No.

2 seed. Once more, Curry's partner, Thompson, can be credited for covering Harden on defense, yet Curry was the one performing in a defining moment, 32 points, ten rebounds, seven assists, and this was while engaging foul inconvenience in the second half. Notwithstanding being totally off from behind the line (3-for-11), Curry is willing his effect in different forms of the game unbelievably well amid this nine-gameamusement winning streak.

Is Harden meriting the honor when he has been a no-show twice against his stiffest rival in the Warriors?

Curry vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Which conveys us to Westbrook, who scarcely finished with 15 points in his last matchup against Curry. Against the Warriors, he has been a bricklayer. He hit only 4 of his 16 shots in the 111-95 Warriors win. Westbrook is shooting only 37.5 percent in four games against Golden State this season. Westbrook resembles a shell of himself when he should be supposedly outplaying Curry.

Steph Curry is still one of the best in the league

Gracious, and incidentally, Curry outperformed his 2014-15 3-point total, putting this season's total as the second-best shooting performance in NBA history.

That is the manner by which used to Steph ruling we have moved toward becoming: He hypothetically "dropped" for parts of this season, imparted the ball to Kevin Durant, is as yet setting up similar numbers that he did in his first MVP season. His last five games demonstrate a player tuned into the game, as well (25.2 points and 10.0 assists).

Say whatever you need in regards to his individual defense, the Warriors worked for him to concentrate on being as dangerous as imaginable with the basketball. Say whatever you need in regards to a conformity period he (and this whole team) will confront once Durant returns to the lineup. Say whatever you need in regards to 3-1 leads, or tossing his mouthpiece, or his battles in past Finals. Curry has swayed his finger before the three best players in the Association this season, reminding them, and us of his remarkable capabilities.