John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan had some work to do when the 2017 NFL Draft rolled around. Two new guys coming in to rebuild a team that had the worst defense in the league last year isn't easy, but they sure are doing their best to fix it.

Solomon Thomas

The 49ers owned the second pick of the draft. By some way of mind control, Shanahan and Lynch traded back to the third pick with the Chicago Bears, so that the Bears could move up one spot and pick a quarterback. The 49ers gained the third pick, a third rounder, and a fourth rounder, plus a third rounder next year.

With the third pick, they selected Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas.

Solomon Thomas is an explosive rusher who has been looked at as the cleanest prospect in the draft. It was clear the 49ers were going best available with their third pick, and they made the right call on this one. Thomas will bring a lot of versatility, and while he was considered a tweener by some scouts, this will actually bring some versatility to the 49ers defense. On first downs, he'll play on the outside, while on passing downs he'll play inside. Thomas will bring a lot of consistency out of Stanford for hopefully years to come.

Reuben Foster

While the draft was moving forward, Reuben Foster's name kept slipping and slipping down the draft boards.

Then, with the pick the 49ers got from the Bears in their earlier deal, the 49ers moved up to take Reuben Foster from Alabama. Foster was on the 49ers' top three rankings on their big board, and he brings a lot of skill. Knocks on him came from a shoulder injury he's taking care of and a positive drug test from a diluted urine sample at the combine.

Even with risks involved, Foster is no joke. Talent-wise he is through the roof. He's an instant playmaker and will jump right into the "Mike" position in the 49ers' linebacker corps.

With comparisons to Luke Kuechly you must be a good backer. Foster brings an energy on the field that you don't see very often. He won the Butkus Award, being named the nation's top linebacker.

All in all, this was an excellent start to the draft for the 49ers. Both players are guys you can expect to see succeed at the next level. The 49ers addressed their major issues in the draft on the defensive end, and are really solidifying this new Lynch and Shanahan era.