Dwyane Wade's season was cut short due to the season-ending injury he suffered recently. The 35-year old shooting guard now has to decide what will be his next move and whether he will stay in Chicago, go back to Miami, or take his talent somewhere else. If he chooses the third option, the best place for him would be Cleveland, as he'd be playing alongside his former teammate and good friend, LeBron James.

This move would be smart for Wade as playing with LeBron would give him a chance for another championship ring. Wade also wouldn't be the best player on the team, so he wouldn't have to carry his team anymore which could lengthen his career.

However, this move would be criticized by fans and there is no doubt that Dwyane Wade would become one of the most hated players just for joining the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wade and LeBron would achieve great results

Last time Dwyane Wade and LeBron James played together, they reached the NBA finals four straight times and they also won two championships. They were one of the best duos in NBA history, and, aside from achieving great results, Wade and James were extremely fun to watch.

Even though he is 35 and past his prime, Wade would still be a valuable player and he could help the Cleveland Cavaliers win more championships. Having LeBron on the team would help Wade preserve his body as he wouldn't have to do much.

The two of them would still play incredibly well together and there is no doubt that they would achieve some great results.

Will Dwyane Wade go to Cleveland?

Although joining the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a smart move for Wade, it doesn't mean that he is going to do it. There are a lot of pros, but Wade could also decide to go back to his former team, the Miami Heat, or to re-sign with the Chicago Bulls.

The shooting guard has a player option in his contract for the next year, and if he accepts it, he will stay in Chicago for the next season as well.

LeBron James recently complained about not having a good playmaker on the team, and that is the role Dwyane Wade could play in Cleveland. Wade has already won three championship rings and he seems happy with it. However, if he decides that he wants to win more, we could see him going to Cleveland this summer.