Dwyane Wade is still a great player, despite him being 35 and playing after numerous injuries he suffered. Last night, the shooting guard dominated the Boston Celtics and he nearly recorded a triple-double in the game. However, no one else stepped up on his team, as the Chicago Bulls suffered another loss, their third straight, and went down 2-3 in the series.

Next game of the series will be played on Friday, when the Bulls host the Boston Celtics in Chicago. Considering their losing streak, that could be the last postseason game for the Bulls and for Wade, who had a big advantage over the Celtics after the first two games of the playoffs.

Things are looking bad for the Bulls, who might soon become one of the few teams that blew a 2-0 lead in a playoff series.

Dwyane Wade was close to a triple-double

In 35 minutes spent on the floor last night, Dwyane Wade scored 26 points, and he also added 11 rebounds and 8 assists. Wade had an 11-6-5 stat line at the half and it seemed that he would record a triple-double, but at the end, he was only two assists short of achieving it. The shooting guard was a leading scorer and rebounder of the game, and the only player who had more assists was Al Horford with nine.

Despite his amazing career and three championship rings, Dwyane Wade has never recorded a triple-double in the postseason. He has always played great when it mattered most, and he was one of the best all-around players during his prime.

However, he hasn't managed to record this amazing feat in the playoffs yet, but that might change soon.

Wade and the Bulls might be eliminated soon

Chicago Bulls have dealt with a lot of drama and many problems this season, but it seemed that all those problems disappeared when they took a 2-0 lead in the series against the Boston Celtics.

The Bulls won both games in Boston, and things looked good for them as they had a big chance of becoming another eighth-seeded team to pull a big upset over the first seed in the playoffs. However, just three games later, the Bulls are facing the elimination as they are down 2-3 against the Celtics.

The Bulls lost their best playmaker, Rajon Rondo, and Wade is still not 100 percent healthy.

Rest of the team is very inconsistent and they have troubles closing the games out, which was shown last night. If they lose their next game, the Bulls will be eliminated from the playoffs and the season will be over for Wade. They play on the home court, which should be a big advantage for them. However, they lost both games they've played in Chicago this postseason, and things aren't looking positive for them at the moment.