Dwyane Wade recently praised his former teammate and best friend, LeBron James, and his dominance in the NBA. James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA championship last year, and he continues to dominate the league. Last night, LeBron knocked the Indiana Pacers out, becoming the first team to advance to the next round of the playoffs this year.

Wade had a unique opportunity to witness James' dominance as two of them played together for four years in Miami. Even though they are no longer teammates, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James always keep an eye on each other and the fans could see them match up in the playoffs this year.

Wade praised LeBron James

James has made six straight NBA finals and he has a good chance to make it seven this year. His Cavaliers will have a long rest as they are waiting for their second-round opponent, which will be either the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks.

Considering LeBron James' dominance and the fact that he's knocked out so many NBA teams in his playoff career, Dwyane Wade said the following: "We talked about that in Miami: Once he got in, it was like Jordan—it was going to be hard to get him out. And he's proven that.” Wade also added how some teams focus so much on beating LeBron, that it becomes all they think about. “There's teams that, all they dream and sleep and eat and think about is beating LeBron and beating Cleveland," said the 35-year old shooting guard.

We could finally see LeBron and Wade face off in the playoffs

Wade and James were both drafted in 2003, yet we have never seen them play against each other in the postseason. Last year, Wade was only a game away from facing the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, but the Raptors beat the Miami Heat, knocking them out and denying them a playoff series against Cleveland.

This season, Dwyane Wade and his Chicago Bulls could possibly play against the Cavaliers in the conference finals. At the moment, they are tied with the Boston Celtics, but they have a good chance to win the series as they won two road games in Boston. If they advance to the next round, the Bulls will play against the Washington Wizards or the Atlanta Hawks, which will be their last obstacle before the potential matchup against LeBron James.

Of course, it is too early to talk about the potential Wade-LeBron playoff matchup, but it would definitely be a great thing if the fans get to finally see these two amazing players go against each other in the most important part of the season.