In the latest NBA player rankings done by Bleacher Report, Dwyane Wade was ranked ninth among shooting guards, and it is hard to believe eight shooting guards in the NBA are better than Wade. Even though he is 35, he can still play very well and contribute to his team in many ways.

Chicago Bulls haven't had a good season as they've dealt with numerous issues. However, Dwyane Wade has always given his best to make the team better, and he was the second-best Bulls player this year.

Dwyane Wade should be ranked higher

Even though the Bulls haven't met the expectations this season, Wade had a decent season, and he played very well for a 35-year old veteran.

His season was cut short due to the unfortunate elbow injury, but he still did a great job in the game he played in.

Bleacher Report ranked Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bradley Beal, DeMar DeRozan, C.J. Collum, Klay Thompson, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Patrick Beverley and Jrue Holiday all before Dwyane Wade. The truth is, however, that there are not so many shooting guards better than the 35-year old Chicago Bull, and despite Wade playing in final years of his career, he can still do a great job and be one of the top shooting guards in the entire NBA.

Wade's rank among shooting guards

From the statistical perspective, Dwyane Wade is one of the top 5 shooting guards in the NBA this season. He ranks sixth in scoring, fourth in rebounds, third in assists, second in steals and second in blocks.

When looking at these stats, it is not hard to see why it's surprising that Wade was ranked ninth among players at his position.

Even at the age of 35, the former all-star can still put up great numbers and be one of the biggest contributors to his team. Besides scoring, he ranks in top 5 in every other major statistical category, and that is simply astonishing considering Wade's age and all the injuries he has gone through.

His first season with the Chicago Bulls may not have been impressive; he did everything in his power to make sure his team stays competitive and wins games. Dwyane Wade is still one of the best shooting guards in the NBA, and no matter how old he is, he will always contribute to his team and give his best.