The question on everyone's mind is how did Daniel Cormier lose 1.2 pounds in two minutes. At first, Daniel weighed in at 206.2 which was 1.2 lbs overweight for his fight against Anthony Johnson at UFC210 on Saturday. Two and a half minutes later, Cormier came back to reweigh himself, and he weighed 205 exactly. So how did he do it?

The main event is on

Thanks for a miracle, Cormier vs. Johnson 2 is on. Both MMA fighters were cutting it close to the allotted time they had to weigh in officially. Cormier stepped on the scale tipping to 206.2. For a title fight, there is no one-pound allowance, he was over, and that meant unless he could somehow shed the 1.2 pounds in a matter of minutes, Johnson could refuse to fight him.

Daniel went to the back for a few moments and said that he wanted to be reweighed to see if his weight changed. Of course, he wanted desperately to make weight because he wanted a title fight.

Cormier stepped on the scale again, and to everyone's amazement he weighed in at 205 exactly. That is when the questions came up ---how did the UFC fighter lose 1.2 pounds in just over two minutes?

Athletic Commission addresses why Daniel weighed in twice

New York State Athletic Convention director, Tony Giardina said that Cormier was allowed to weigh in twice because that is the state's policy for title bouts. Apparently, in New York, if you don't make weight, you are given a few minutes before being reweighed to verify your weight.

The state's policy helped Cormier make weight for the main event bout.

Did Cormier cheat to make weight?

One of the popular theories on social media is that Daniel cheated the scale by holding tight to the towel around his waist which would get him to lose up to eight percent of his body weight.

According to TMZ Sports, the photos of Cormier during the two weigh-ins didn't show Daniel touching his white towel, so that theory was proven to be false. The event officials also said that he didn't cheat in any way to make weight. It sounds like it was just good old-fashioned luck!

Aside from the controversy, Daniel Cormier made weight at 205.

Anthony Johnson strolled on the scale at 203.8, a full 1.3 pounds less than he needed to be. He didn't need a second weigh-in.

The Ufc 210 weigh-in was action-packed, maybe the most controversial in UFC history. The light heavyweight championship bout will happen, finally.

UFC fans, how do you think Daniel Cormier lost 1.2 pounds in two minutes? Who do you think will win the fight tomorrow evening?

UFC 210 airs Pay Per View On Saturday night from New York.