The Golden State Warriors will be getting their MVP back on the court and his name isn't Steph Curry. Kevin Durant is scheduled to play against the New Orleans Pelicans Saturday, barring any setbacks. Durant has been out since February 28, as he has been treating a MCL sprain and a fibial bone bruise. The Warriors fared well without him, as Steph Curry found his groove after playing horribly starting out after the all-star break. Durant and the Warriors are getting healthy at the right time, as the playoffs are only weeks away. The big question will be if Durant can seamlessly integrate himself back in the scheme of the Warriors offense?

Well the Warriors will definitely find a way.

Miss me?

The Warriors seemed to miss Durant's presence early, going 2-5 in their first seven games since his injury. Durant was the new Alpha Dog in the offense being the teams high scorer with, 25 points a game. He also was their best rim protector averaging 1.6 blocks per game. It seemed like the Warriors were struggling to replace Durant's offensive and defensive production when he went out early. But the Warriors have found their groove, riding a season high 13-game win streak into Saturday's game.

Kevin Durant has been seen going through workouts in the pregame before the Warrior's games, and he looked like he was ready to return. He was laying down ferocious dunks, and looking very quick and fluid in his moves and shooting motion.

He has been participating in 2-on-2 and 4-on-4 drills in practices with the team and has been cleared to return to full practices. Durant will be put on a minutes restriction upon his return, as they don't want to risk further injury, or run him ragged just before the playoffs.

Don't fit in, stand out

Durant will have a few regular season games to get his body and mind right back to game shape, as he hasn't done a lot of real game atmosphere type of drills.

The worries is how quickly Durant will fit back into the Warriors system, and would he mess up their rhythm. Well it seems like nobody one the Warriors is concerned with that. Draymond Green commented on Durant fitting back in and he said,"He'll fit in right in, but we don't need him to fit in. I think that's what people kind of get mixed up.

He wasn't brought here to fit in, he was brought here to stand out." this is from ESPN. Green has a point, as Durant wasn't brought in to be another piece in the system. He was brought in to be himself and put the Warriors over the edge, something they needed before they blew a 3-1 lead.

Stephen Curry, the person who might've benefitted most from Durant's absence says KD will take the team to the next level saying, "he will take us to another level, hopefully. It shouldn't be much of a transition back.'' per ESPN. Curry has been on a tear, retaking the Alpha role since Durant's injury, so it will be interesting to see if he will be willing to relinquish that role again after having it for a considerable amount of time.

Durant's return will be welcomed by many NBA fans, as his injury made the NBA season a little more interesting. With his return, are the Warriors favorites for the NBA championship again? Will his integration with the offense be a seamless as it's portrayed by his teammates? Lots of questions that will only be answered by watching the NBA action unfold.