For the Chicago Cubs' two top prospects, a great spring training has translated to an incredible start to the regular season. Ian Happ and Jeimer Candelario both had good enough Spring Training that they might have made the roster in any other year and on any other team. But these two young players are trying to make the roster on the defending World Series champion.

The Cubs, more than any other team have locked their roster in for the next few years, at least at second and third base because of the young talent that led the team to the World Series in the first place.

While Javy Baez, Addison Russell, and Kris Bryant are on the Cubs it doesn't appear Happ and Candelario have much chance of getting onto the big league roster. It also appears that the two players are going to push Chicago until they have no choice but to figure out a solution.

Ian Happ continues to impress the Cubs

For the Chicago Cubs, there was no prospect that came closer to making the roster out of spring training than Happ. The Cubs carried the infielder all the way up to the last few days of the Spring before they finally allowed him to be assigned to AAA. Just 22-years-old, Happ is posting a slash line of .276/.344/.724 and he's leading the Pacific Coast League with four home runs.

While some might think the Cubs aren't going to be swayed by something like a .276 batting average, it's more the OBPS that should have Chicago continuing to take notice.

This is a kid who is lighting up the minor leagues and if he continues to hit the way he has so far, the Cubs will be hard pressed to find a reason why they should be keeping him in the lower levels and not bringing him to Chicago.

Jeimer Candelario showing the Chicago Cubs why he needs to play

If Happ is making the Cubs rethink their idea of keeping him in the minors, than Jeimer Candelario has shown he absolutely needs to be in the majors.

Happ's slash line is impressive, but as BleacherNation points out Candelario's is absolutely ridiculous. After Thursday's game, the third base prospect is posting a .370/.414/.926 slash line and is leading the PCL with 15 RBI. That total is five more runs batted in than the second most in the league.

Obviously, it's very early in the season and the Cubs' prospects are likely going to have some ups and downs as 2017 goes on. Even if both players see significant drops in their numbers, the Chicago Cubs clearly has a couple of future major leaguers who are looking for a spot to show their talents in the big leagues.