The Chicago Cubs have themselves a bit of a conundrum. The team has far too many talented players to fit its opening day roster. There has already been quite a bit of talk about trading Matt Sczur.

The Cubs appear ready to make that trade, and now the big question is what will they be looking to get in return. There have been some reports they will send Sczur to the Atlanta Braves. The Braves, in turn, will be sending the Cubs a player of their own who can't make the roster but is plenty talented. Another option might be trading for a couple of minor leaguers and making way to keep infielder Ian Happ.

The Chicago Cubs would still need to find some room

Even if Sczur is traded, there doesn't appear to be an obvious spot for Happ. The Cubs already have as many infielders are as allowed on the major league roster. The team has even moved a ton of pieces around the board in order to have players like Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist playing on the field at the same time.

Addison Russell is having himself quite the spring as well and looks like he might have cemented himself for years to come. The Cubs really don't have a spot on the roster and Happ doesn't appear to be trying out new positions. So what in the world is the plan here?

Happ's spring isn't something the Chicago Cubs can ignore

With everything pointing to there being no room for Happ to make the big club, the biggest argument as to why he needs to is the numbers he's put up.

Yes, the Cubs are well aware those numbers are against some pitchers who won't be on the bigs come August.

Happ hit yet another home run on Saturday and has now hit .417 with five home runs and 17 RBI this spring. Clearly, the Chicago Cubs are looking in the direction of him making the 25 man roster. If the team didn't want to at least give him a long look at being on the opening day roster, he likely wouldn't still be on the roster at this point in the spring. The Cubs are getting closer to starting the regular season and one thing is abundantly clear the team can't keep both Happ and Sczur on the roster.