The most entertaining storyline in Tna Impact Wrestling last year involved Matt Hardy. The former WWE superstar created the character of Broken Matt Hardy, showcased in some of the best segments of the year. However, now that Impact Wrestling is under new ownership, it looks like Matt Hardy, as well as his brother Jeff, will be leaving and heading back to the WWE.

Broken Matt Hardy

Matt was, at one time, a very popular member of the Hardy Boyz tag team in the WWE. However, over the years the fans turned on Matt and he struggled to define himself.

It all started to change in Ring of Honor, where he developed an arrogant financially successful professional wrestler angle that made him a villain.

In TNA Impact Wrestling, he kept that and was semi-successful. However, he soon "cracked" and became Broken Matt, a character that began to speak in a strange British dialect and started to feud with his brother. Soon, he gained control of Jeff Hardy, who became almost zombie-like, and the two have been successful ever since.

Total Nonstop Deletion

In 2016, TNA Impact Wrestling went through a very hard stage in its history. Dixie Carter, the owner, was losing control and the company was spiraling out of control. Billy Corgan came in and convinced Impact Wrestling to listen to Matt Hardy and they let him have creative control over his character.

Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and Total Nonstop Deletion were shot in a movie-style at Matt's home in North Carolina and were the only thing fans were talking about in the company outside of who was going to buy the company from Dixie Carter.

Anthem Sports Buys Impact Wrestling

Many fans wanted Billy Corgan to buy the company but it ended up being Anthem Sports, who also owns the Fight Network.

They came in and made changes, bringing back Jeff Jarrett and then they made demands on talent.

Jeff and Matt Hardy had come to the end of their contracts and Impact Wrestling wanted them to give up their creative control and also pay Anthem 10-percent of any money they made from indie appearances. The brothers said no to Impact Wrestling and then Matt Hardy went to Twitter.

It is clear that Jeff and Matt are leaving Impact Wrestling. They have no non-compete clause and it looks like the Hardy Boyz might be returning to the WWE sooner rather than later.