It has been a long time since Jeff and Matt Hardy wrestled in the WWE and they have changed considerably while they were away. Over the last year, the Broken Matt Hardy angle was the most-over storyline on Impact Wrestling television but the company gave the Hardy Boys a take it or leave it contract offer and now Pro Wrestling Sheets reports that the Hardys are close to returning to the WWE.

Broken Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling

Over the past year, Impact Wrestling was constantly in the news and it was all about the horrible mismanagement by former owner Dixie Carter.

However, the only thing that really kept fans entertained throughout the entire mess was the Broken Matt Hardy saga. Matt had reinvented himself as an eccentric character and all his scenes and matches were shot in a theatrical style, including horror themed matches at his home. However, when Impact Wrestling sold to Anthem Sports, they gave Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff a chance to sign unfavorable contracts and the Hardys chose to leave, possibly for the WWE.

The Hardy Boyz and the WWE

This will be a return home if the Hardys return to the WWE. This was the company that helped them realize their dreams. The brothers held eight tag team titles in the WWE and had one of the greatest feuds of all time against the Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian.

Matt Hardy went on to win single titles, including the ECW Championship while Jeff Hardy won three world titles in the WWE. Both men were also world champions in Impact Wrestling.

The current state of WWE tag team wrestling

Tag team wrestling in the WWE has not mattered much since Jeff and Matt Hardy left the company. Currently, there are no real major tag teams outside of The New Day, who have become complacent in recent months.

Cesaro & Sheamus are singles wrestlers paired up because neither was doing anything. Enzo and Big Cass are popular but not great in the ring. American Alpha are very exciting but seem to be spinning their wheels, as are the Usos. The Revival is on their way soon. Everyone else is mediocre. The Hardy Boys' WWE return could revitalize the division, especially if they can keep the Broken Matt gimmick.