This past week, Matt Hardy announced that he and his brother Jeff Hardy had left Impact Wrestling when they failed to come to agreements on a new contract. While most people assumed they would show up in the WWE, and word was that contract negotiations were underway, the Hardy Boys showed up in Ring of Honor at "Manhattan Mayhem VI" on Saturday night and won the ROH tag team titles.

The Broken Matt Hardy saga

Matt Hardy has reinvented himself last year in Impact Wrestling. Wrestling fans had rejected him for a few years and he worked in Ring of Honor for a short time as an arrogant heel, starting to revive his career.

He took that same character to Impact Wrestling where he won the world title and began to feud with his brother Jeff Hardy. However, things exploded when he developed a new persona as Broken Matt, speaking with a British accent and acting very eccentric. He fought Jeff at his home in a match that was shot like a movie and the two became the hottest act in Impact Wrestling.

Hardy's Quest of the Gold

Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy -- now renamed Brother Nero -- began what they called a Quest for the Gold. They won the Impact Wrestling tag team titles and then said they would travel the world and win more. They headed down to Mexico and won titles there and then hit a regional indie in North America and won titles there.

Despite the fact that Impact Wrestling demanded their tag team titles back after contract negotiations fell apart and despite the fact that the company claims they own the character of Broken Matt, the Hardy's added another title to their list in Ring of Honor by beating the Young Bucks.

The future of the Hardy Boys

Now, winning the Ring of Honor tag team titles does not mean that Matt Hardy won't sign with the WWE and bring his brother with him in the future.

Honestly, there is a chance that this title change was just to please the fans and give people a reason to talk about Ring of Honor and the Hardy Boys. They could lose the titles back to the Young Bucks in a rematch. However, the Hardy's spoke to the fans after the match and said they had signed contracts with Ring of Honor for a number of upcoming dates so don't expect them in the WWE anytime soon.